Is Lameby Legit (Feb 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Lameby Online Website Reviews

The article’s write-up gives us the entire details about Is Lameby Legit and guides us to the positive and negative features of the website.

Do you guys like to wear trendy clothes? Are you searching for plus-size dresses at affordable prices? If yes, then this place is meant for you. We will review an online website that sells different kinds of clothing and supplements and musical instruments that act as an added advantage.

People in the United States tend to get excited with such website launches, and they eagerly wait to get all the details. We ac more information about the website in Is Lameby Legit section.

Is Lameby an authentic e-commerce site?

The online website has varieties of things for the people, such as clothing for women and various other things. The only thing that bothers everyone is the website’s authenticity regarding its products and whether they are genuine products or fake ones. Various points have been mentioned below for our reference to answer all these questions.

  • Domain age- The website’s domain age is 19/11/2021, less than six months.
  • Trust score- The trust index is 1%, indicating a terrible score.
  • Reviews- We cannot see any Lameby Reviews on the website.
  • Alexa Rank- The Alexa rank of the website is 4704471.
  • Plagiarised content- We can see plagiarism as nothing is arranged properly.
  • Address originality- 5220 fm973 ,Austin ,Texas,78724,US
  • Social media links- We cannot see any Facebook and Instagram pages linked to the website.
  • Unrealistic discounts- No discounts are mentioned on the products sold.
  • Owner’s information- Nothing is mentioned on the About Us page.

The website has received a shallow trust score which shows that the website has not received much traffic since the launch. It would be very early to term the website as fake, and we will have to wait for a few more days to get the exact product review on Is Lameby Legit segment.

About Lameby

Lamby is an online website that sells clothing for women and also various musical instruments and power supplements all in one place. The website sells different kinds of products liked by the customers, and also they are very eager to buy clothing and musical instruments. The website promises to sell the best quality products all in one place.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain age- The owner created the website on 19/11/2021, less than six months.
  • URL- The website url is
  • Social media icons- Facebook and Instagram links are not present, so they cannot answer Is Lameby Legit or scam.
  • Category- Clothing, Jumpsuits, power tools and musical instruments.
  • Email- Customers can contact at [email protected]
  • Address- 5220 fm973 ,Austin ,Texas,78724,US
  • Return Policy- 35 days refund policy.
  • Refund Policy- The company does not mention the exact days for a refund.
  • Payment modes- Payment options include PayPal, AMEX, MasterCard and VISA
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy- Within 10-22 days, the orders will be shipped.

Pros of the website

  • The website sells various kinds of things all in one place at affordable prices.
  • The website has mentioned all the address details, and the phone number is also mentioned.

Cons based on Is Lameby Legit or scam

  • The website has a very shallow trust score, making the website suspicious.
  • The website has not arranged things properly, which shows a lack of arrangement in the management.
  • The website has not mentioned the days the refund will be credited.

Customer Reviews

After going through the website, we can hardly see any reviews regarding the products sold n the website. This, too, creates confusion in the customer’s minds regarding the authenticity and legitimacy of the products.

The website also has no social media links present which can draw our attention to the reviews. Lack of Lameby Reviews by the people of the United States makes the website not to be trusted. Also, people should maintain distance from these kinds of websites.

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We can conclude from the discussions that the website is suspicious, and we will have to wait for a few more days to get the detailed review and then only we can comment on whether the website is fake or genuine. Also, the people looking forward to buying from this website must visit Is Lameby Legit division. Comment below your opinions if you have purchased from this website. How to Get A Refund From Credit Card .


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  1. i just purchased a $2400 keyboard from for $65 waiting for the hammer to drop but i did get tracking but it shows nothing will keep you up to date.

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