Is Lienelli Legit (Dec 2021) Read Informative Reviews!

Lienelli Online Website Reviews

Read the below blog and know if the deals given by Lienelli are authentic or not. Moreover, check ‘Is Lienelli Legit‘ or not and its features, pros and cons.

Finding an authentic online retailer with a vast collection with a reasonable price range is challenging. And when it comes to a new store, the risk increases multiple times. Without a thorough check, shopping from any new or unknown site can be harmful in money scams and data scams.

Today we will introduce a new site named- Lienelli that approaches Netherlands buyers a lot of various items at a discounted rate. However, Is Lienelli Legit? The determination is mandatory to avoid any uncanny event.

Reviewing the Lienelli site’s legitimacy:

Before heading to shop from the Lienelli site, we advise analyzing this segment to get the assurance there is no risk of data theft or money fraud.

  • Location Verification: Unfortunately, they have not disclosed the area of its location, so we could not perform the analysis.
  • Domain Name: The recorded name is
  • Site’s Age: The site’s age is only 5 days. The owner created this domain on 17th December 2021.
  • Trust-Index: It’s very much low, only 1%.
  • Feedback: Till authentic Lienelli Reviews are unavailable.
  • Social-Media Page: The site has not created a profile on community media.
  • Plagiarism: 27% is duplicate data, and 30% is similar data.
  • Authority Holder: We could not find the owner’s name or corporate company details; however, on the Terms page, we found the authority is hold by
  • Missing Details: Address, phone number, shipping system and charges.
  • Skipped Pages Details: Yes, out of 48 pages, 13 pages are skipped.

With this analysis, it’s prominent that it is a recently made site, which doesn’t hold much data to verify its legitimacy. 

What is the Lienelli site?

Lienelli is a dutch site selling different niche products at a fixed rebate rate In the Netherlands. However, Is Lienelli Legit? We observed that the site’s original content language is dutch, but it can be translated into language with the help of translator software (like Google Translator). As already mentioned, it’s selling products with a massive variety which is good; however, buyers could find it challenging to figure out their required product as there is no classification. 

All are displayed in the ‘Shop’ section, so it can affect the customer satisfaction rate. From household items, exercise gear to kitchenware, everything is available with descriptive content. Also, availing of the ‘New Season Sale,’ a 40 percent flat rebate on any product.


  • Consumer’s Comments: To date, the site has not succeeded in gaining Lienelli Reviews.
  • Site’s URL:
  • Phone Number: Customer service number is unavailable.
  • Address: The address hasn’t been revealed.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Delivery System: We hadn’t found the separate delivery policy details, but visitors can go through it during paying off. The time is estimated based on destination.
  • Cancellation System: It’s only valid if the order isn’t shipped.
  • Changes of Delivery: The delivery charge is free. 
  • Return Process: Anyone can take advantage of this policy within 14 days. But, the return cost is the recipient’s responsibility.
  • Is Lienelli Legit: It’s very new, and no strong factor is found.
  • Payment Modes: Boncontact, iDeal.
  • Refund Process: Refund approval will be sent via email confirmation. But no time frame is revealed.
  • Exchange Process: The process is Unavailable.


  • Visitors will see a great variety of products.
  • A good percentage of rebates is given.
  • Free delivery can be availed.


  • Reviews are unavailable.
  • Phone numbers, address are unavailable.
  • Trust-Index is shallow.
  • Products are unprofessionally displayed.
  • It lacks pages on community media.
  • Shipping fees and modes are not revealed.

A survey of user’s reviews on ‘Is Lienelli Legit’:

On the site, visitors will find the TustPiot platform’s icon with a mentioning rating. But, when we checked the comments, we found that the Trustpilot icon featuring ratings is non-clickable. Additionally, we checked over the internet but did not trace a single review; even on the Trustpilot platform, remarks are unavailable.

Plus, as it’s a new store, it should have a page on community media, but in the Lienelli case, we detected nothing. Since buying household products from a known site could be better. Also, read the process to receive refunds on credit card scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Lienelli Legit? As we know, it’s recently created and holds a very low trust score as well as some doubtable points on reviews. As of now, finding a new portal could be better, as it may not be a decent site. Also, check the points to get money on Paypal scams. Is the write-up helpful? Please mention below.

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