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Lightbrella Online website Reviews

Please go through this article to address your doubt Is Lightbrella Legit regarding an online marketing platform that offers a uniquely designed umbrella.

Do you find it difficult to walk through the dark streets on rainy nights? Would not it be fantastic if the umbrella itself could radiate light? Then, please peruse this write-up without delaying further.

Today’s account discusses the reliability of a virtual store that sells an innovative and helpful product. Customers from the United States are delighted with the availability of such an item. Notwithstanding, shoppers are searching for more facts about this portal. Hence, please read till the end to answer Is Lightbrella Legit.

Is Lightbrella Genuine?

The particulars in this section will help you address the subject question. You can have more certainty about the originality of this store after perusing these facts.

  • Site Age – This website is about to reach a month’s milestone and is twenty-nine days old. The developers created it on 3 August 2022.
  • Trust Score of Portal – 1%, a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Ranking in Alexa – 9456805, which is a highly dissatisfactory grading.
  • Contact Details’ Absenteeism – The team has not mentioned any contact points on the designated page. The Privacy Statement contains the address of the compliance officer, but it belongs to a residential apartment.  
  • Lightbrella Reviews No customer opinions are stated for the product in this store.
  • Linking to Social Media – Social media linking does not exist on this site.
  • Poor Design of Website – The designers have not chosen the interface’s colors adequately. The black and white palette has made the sorting menu illegible.
  • Suspicious Copyright Details – The team has not stated the year on the copyright badge. 
  • Dubious Refund Policy – The owners have mentioned they do not accept returns and process refunds. The following paragraph contradicts this point and talks about late refunds. 
  • Wording Duplicity – The Refund Policy and Privacy Statement have “insert here” wordings that suggest content duplicity.

These facts clarify Is Lightbrella Legit as our research shows this site’s wariness. Nevertheless, judging its legitimacy may be too early.

What is Lightbrella?

Lightbrella is a virtual marketing store that sells an umbrella of innovative design. The product has an attached LED light to make it safer for customers on rainy nights. The item also has LED strips along the edges for a complete vision of the dark street. 


  • Type of Website – An online shopping site that sells a unique umbrella design.
  • Address of Platform –
  • Phone Number – Not given 
  • E-mail – Missing
  • Physical Location – 1200 S Figueroa, Los Angeles, California-90015, United States 
  • Link to Social Media – Absent. This lack may be crucial to determine Is Lightbrella Legit
  • Terms of Service – Given
  • Sorting Method – Available
  • Privacy Policy – Present 
  • Filtering Scope – Absent
  • Payment Options – Debit and credit cards of Diners Club, Discover, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, JCB, and Apple Pay.
  • Shipping Regulations – The usual delivery timeline is twelve to twenty-one working days.
  • Price of Item – Mentioned in USD.
  • Details about Returning and Refunds – The team does not have any return or refund policy as there is no inventory of the products.


  • The owners have designed a unique and helpful product.
  • The description of the item contains detailed data.

Cons Surrounding Is Lightbrella Legit

  • The website deals with the product of one type without any size or color variations.
  • The copyright badge is without the store’s establishment year.
  • The team has erroneously merged the Privacy Policy under the head of Refund Policy.
  • The Refund Policy contains mismatching details. One part says the team does not accept refunds, and the next portion specifies instructions for late refunds. Furthermore, many places on the Refund and Privacy Statement sections contain “insert here” content, indicating the copying of words.
  • This store is new and is challenging to count upon.

Lightbrella Reviews

Prominent feedback websites have not stated this website or its item in the user’s discussions. Hence, we feel buyers have either not explored this store or have not trusted it. Its suspiciousness may have caused hesitation in the shoppers. Also, no buyer has commented on the product so far. So, it was difficult to verify the truthfulness of this product, the team, and the interface. Thus, we suggest you know how to Get Your Money Back from PayPal if you get scammed for alertness.


Our research portrays ambiguity about this platform. Nevertheless, stating Is Lightbrella Legit may be too early. Therefore, it is wise to learn How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam to be safe. Moreover, you may like to know about the different types of umbrellas  and choose which type to purchase. 

Do you believe the subject store is credible? Please write below. 

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