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Loveamigo Online Website Reviews

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Have you loved online shopping during this pandemic? If that’s correct, today we have bought you a new online shopping website to meet your needs. This website has come to light recently in the United Kingdom. It is very inconvenient to go outside and shop and is not safe as well. In this case, online shopping websites came very handily as we can purchase anything we want without stepping out of our house. 

But it is very important to know which websites we can rely on as these online websites tend to be scams. To know Is Loveamigo Legit make sure you read the full article.

Is Loveamigo Scam or Legit? 

  • The website is giving away wooden furniture at a very cheap price which is very unrealistic and doubtful.
  • The price range makes us doubt the quality of the products. 
  • The website domain was created on 06-06-2021, which is very new, and we cannot trust the reliability of such a new website.
  • The trust index of the website is too low, only 1%.
  • The contact information is missing from the website, which is no help for us.
  • We could not find any Loveamigo Reviews on the page or any other social media page, which is kind of off.
  • The website is not mentioned on any other social media page.

Lovamigo indeed has many things that attract people’s attention, but there are few things we have listed that make us doubt the website. 

What is Loveamigo?

Loveamigo is an online shopping website in the United Kingdom, offering various furniture and camping materials. They are currently having a sale, so it is the perfect time to grab stuff at an affordable price.

With the help of our article, you will have a full guide about Is Loveamigo Legit? They are providing various range of furniture in a very affordable range. With them having a vast range of products you can find something perfect for your house. 

They offer Kitchen Pantry, Wide Sideboard, Kid’s Outdoor Chaise Lounge, Swing Chair, etc. We will be mentioning the things they offer in detail later in our article


  • Website URL-
  • Product Category – Swing Chair, Baby Crib, Camping tent, Garden furniture, Kitchen Pantry, Sideboard, etc.
  • Email ID- not mentioned 
  • Phone Number- not mentioned.
  • Domain age- 2021/06/07
  • Shipping Policy – Dispatch within 48 hours
  • Return Policy – Return within five days if the return reason is valid and the product is undamaged
  • Social Presence – The website is not mentioned in another social media platform which makes us think Is Loveamigo Legit?

Pros of Loveamigo 

  • They provide different kinds of furniture suitable for a house at a very reasonable price.
  • Currently, they are having a sale on their website, which makes the products more affordable.
  • They have a very fast shipping policy, and their return policy also looks appealing.

Cons of Loveamigo 

  • They are providing wooden furniture at a very cheap price which is quite doubtful.
  • The domain age is very recent, which makes us question the reliability of the website.
  • The email Id and contact No is missing from the website, which is not a good sign.
  • The customer reviews are missing from the website.
  • We could not find the website on any other social media platform.

Loveamigo Reviews

Loveamigo page has no customer reviews, not also on any other social media page. We think that to judge a website; it is very important to look for customer reviews. It is very important to know if the website is genuine or not. 

So before shopping from any online website, we always recommend that you always look for customer reviews and analyze the reviews. An actual website should have both positive and negative feedback. So be careful and do not neglect customer reviews, whether it is a new website or an old one.

Missing customers review raises the question in our head Is Loveamigo Legit? Credit Card Scams are very prominent nowadays, so always be careful when using them and make sure you do not share your credit card details with anyone. PayPal Scams are increasing day by day, so do not get fooled.


Loveamigo is an online shopping website for furniture; it is a very recent website and has no customer reviews. Many important things are missing on the page, such as email id and basic phone number. 

But as we have mentioned earlier, it lacks many important things and makes it very difficult to trust this website. Are you satisfied with Is Loveamigo Legit? If you like our article, you can help us by writing comments below; this will mean a lot to us.

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