Is Lovedsell Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Full Review!

Lovedsell Online website Reviews

Please go through this composition to address your query Is Lovedsell Legit concerning an online marketing website that offers women’s and men’s shoes.

Do you like wearing different types of shoes that are comfortable and stylish? Are you interested in surfing a site that has an exclusive footwear collection? Then, please go through this article to obtain the required details.

Today’s composition talks about the legitimacy of a virtual marketing portal dealing with footwear. Customers from many countries, like the United States, are waiting keenly to get details of this site. Consequently, please read till the end to address your question Is Lovedsell Legit.

Is Lovedsell Authentic?

We have presented in this segment some key features of this website. These details shall clarify this portal’s originality and help our readers verify if this store is worth browsing.

  • The Oldness of Website – This site’s age is only four days. The designers launched this online store on 20 August 2022.
  • Trust Score of Platform –2%, which is a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Alexa Rank – This website’s rank was untraceable. 
  • Connection to Social Media – The icons of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are misinforming on this platform. These links open the visitor’s social media profiles or the portal’s landing page instead of the website’s handles.
  • Lovedsell Reviews The section dedicated to customer reviews is currently empty.
  • The Absence of Contact Information – No contact detail is mentioned on this website. 
  • The Absence of Shipping Policy – The team has pasted the Terms of Service in place of the Shipping Policy.
  • Content Duplicity – The About Us and Terms of Service pages do not contain the store’s name. So, it is obvious the content is copied.
  • Mismatch in Policy – The return timeline is sixty days in the product description section and fourteen days on the policy page. 

It is evident from these particulars that this portal is not worth trusting. However, it may be too early to judge Is Lovedsell Legit for this site’s extreme freshness.

What is Lovedsell?

Lovedsell is an electronic commerce site that deals with men’s and women’s shoes. The owners have named the shoe models variety, such as Aztec, Boho, Safari, Thunderbird, etc. The store comprises 61 men’s and 115 women’s shoes.


  • Site Type – A virtual marketing store that renders shoes of different models for men and women.
  • Address of Portal – 
  • Phone Number – Not provided
  • Physical Location – Absent
  • E-mail Address – Not given
  • Connections to Social Media – Misinforming. Such deception is critical to influencing your doubt, Is Lovedsell Legit.
  • Modes of Payment – Credit cards of Amex, MasterCard, and Visa, besides Apple Pay and PayPal.
  • Terms of Usage – Given
  • Sorting Technique – Provided
  • The Policy of Shipping – The Policy page contains irrelevant data, not the shipment charges or timeline. We discovered that shipping is free for orders over $70 via a dry run.
  • Privacy Policy – Present
  • Filtering Method – Missing
  • Returning and Refunding Information – Buyers can place a return request within fourteen days of delivery. Refund crediting shall occur within some days.
  • Cost of Goods – Provided in USD.


  • The team has explicitly described the items.
  • The items have unique patterns and styles.

Cons Underlining Is Lovedsell Legit

  • The copyright badge does not consist of the year, and the name of the website is also dubious. 
  • The developers have not mentioned this store’s name in the first line of the About Us and Terms of Service pages. Thus, it is obvious the content is copied and unedited.
  • The Contact Us page is devoid of any details.
  • The Shipping Policy page is the duplicate content of the Terms and Conditions. 
  • The Privacy Policy ends with the line to contact the team but does not contain any relevant information.
  • The website’s name in the top-left corner is not the same as the website address.

Lovedsell Reviews

There is no feedback about this website on leading reviewing platforms. Hence, one can assume that shoppers have not relied on this website. They may be dubious about its attributes and thus are yet to shop from here or comment on its products. So, if you want to browse this platform, we request you wait for some time till more reviews are available. Accordingly, we recommend you learn How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed for safety.


This study depicts suspiciousness in this store. However, it may be too early to judge Is Lovedsell Legit for the freshness of this portal. Therefore, learning How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam will be a wise step. Also, you may like to read about the trending footwear in the next season.

Do you think this store is trustworthy? Please write below. 

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