Is Lowryfam com Legit (Jan 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Lowryfam Online Website Reviews

The article gives us the full details about Is Lowryfam com Legit with all the important points highlighted in the definite sections to clear the confusion.

Do you like to prank your friends? Are you searching for the right source to prank your friends or family? We have come up with a review of an online website that sells magic prank boxes online.

People in the United States prank their people on their birthdays to add a plus factor to their enjoyment. A prank is an enjoyable task that we do with our family and friends. To know more about the website and the product, we recommend visiting Is Lowryfam com Legit segment.

Is Lowryfam com an authentic e-commerce site?

The major thing that anybody wants to know is the website’s authenticity. Lowryfam sells online magic prank boxes in the chips box so that people can think that it is a chips packet. People are very conscious of whether they will get the genuine product or be duped with their money. 

  • Domain age- The website’s domain age is 24/01/2022, just a few days ago.
  • Trust score- The website’s trust index is 11%, specifying a poor score.
  • Reviews- No Lowryfam com Reviews can be seen on the website.
  • Alexa Rank- The Alexa rank of the website is 0.
  • Plagiarised content- Plagiarism can be seen on the website as only a single product is sold.
  • Address originality- No address can be seen present on the website.
  • Social media links- Facebook and Instagram links are mentioned, but they are different accounts.
  • Unrealistic discounts- Unavailable.
  • Owner’s details- We cannot find the owner’s details on the About Us page.

The website seems to be fake as the trust score is low and the social media links fake accounts. The buyers are suggested to proceed with discretion if they purchase the product and visit Is Lowryfam com Legit section.

Details of Lowryfam 

The online website deals in a mystery prank box in the chips box that people can gift, especially on April Fools’ Day. The idea behind the prank is very interesting and can fulfil the people’s motive. The product is sold at an affordable price, and the buyers are very keen to buy the product.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain age- A few days ago, the owner created the website on 24/01/2022.
  • URL-
  • Social media icons- Facebook and Instagram links are available, but it fails to answer Is Lowryfam com Legit or scam.
  • Category- Mystery prank box.
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- Not present
  • Return Policy- We can return the product within 14 days after the purchase.
  • Refund Policy- The refunds will be processed within 24 hours in the PayPal account.
  • Payment modes- Any Credit cards and PayPal
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy- within 5-7 business days 

Pros of the website

  • The website sells mystery prank boxes at an affordable range for the customers.
  • The website also promises to return the product if they are defective and promises to refund the product.

Cons based on Is Lowryfam com Legit or scam

  • The website has a very low trust score, showing that we cannot trust the website.
  • The website sells only a single product, which is unusual for any online website.
  • The email address provided does not seem to be genuine.

Customer Reviews

After visiting the entire website, we can see no reviews present. We cannot see a single review anywhere from the people of the United States on the website, and the links to the social media handle are fake. If the buyers purchase the prank box, we need to wait for a few more months to get Lowryfam com Reviews. We will get to know you in detail in the upcoming days.

You can read here to know about pranks and apply them in your daily life to have some fun with your friends. We also suggest the viewers read How To Get A Refund From PayPal to stay safe from these websites.


We can now conclude that the website seems fake, and people should wait for a few more days to know the complete information. The buyers cannot trust the details provided now, and the buyers can purchase the materials from another website. 

At the same time, we also recommend the buyers to go through Is Lowryfam com Legit and How To Get A Full Refund from Credit Card, to protect themselves. Comment below.

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