Is Minipee Legit {June 2022} Read Quick & Honest Reviews

Minipee Online Website Reviews

The article below helps you navigate all the details and make you aware of the doubt, Is Minipee Legit.

Do you wish to have the best custom products? Do you like to have the best articles for your hobbies, profession, sport, or anything else you are thinking of? Many consumers have done online research and found a store named

On the other hand, the United States consumers are worried about whether to invest in this portal or not! Let’s find some details and check all the details to conclude: Is Minipee Legit or not! Check the headers below to fetch all the authentic and well-researched details.

Is This Online Store Trustworthy?

  • Domain Creating Date – the domain was created less than 1 year back. That is, on 11th November 2021.
  • Domain Expiry Date – the domain will expire in less than 6 months. That is, on 11th November 2022.
  • Owner’s Details – The owner of this portal is using WHOIS paid services to hide its information.
  • Trust Index – The website has scored a very meagre percentage, i.e. 0 out of 100.
  • Social Media Handlers – Icons for Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tiktok, are on the official platform. But all the links are broken. 
  • Customer reviews Minipee Reviews are present only on social media accounts. 
  • Trust Score – This platform scored a very meagre percentage, i.e., 5% only. 
  • Website Popularity –This platform has gained 1058740 popularity, which is very poor.
  • Threat & Span score – this percentage is above 50%, is 65/100, making it a suspicious platform.
  • Proximity to the suspicious site – highly risky as gained 100 out of 100.
  • HTTPS Protocol Connection – The HTTPS connection has found valid data but cannot ensure complete security.

The points mentioned above describe that this portal cannot be trusted. But, let’s check more details to ensure: Is Minipee Legit!

What are the Details for the website?

This platform sells articles online. As per the main platform, they provide different custom products that satisfy consumers’ demands, like hobby, sport, profession, and other types. 

They deal in various products at one stop, so buyers should do hassle-free shopping in one place. The main categories are –

  • Footwear
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Bags
  • And many more other products under hot sale.

Customers’ can select and proceed with the other process as guided by the official website to get their desired custom article. 

Specific details to consider: Is Minipee Legit!

  • Website Link –
  • Domain Name –
  • Company name – LANDBASE TRADING CO., LTD. 
  • Company address – 1st Floor, Beaconsfield Msam40 Junction2, A355 Windsor Drive, Bucking Hamshire, England, HP9 2SE. 
  • Email id – [email protected]
  • Shipping & Delivery Policy – The processing time to ship in 1 day and delivery time depends on the nation and the order amount.
  • Return & Refunds – 14-day return policy is given, and a refund will be notified once the returned product is investigated for approval.
  • Contact Number – Not mentioned.
  • Payment Modes – PayPal, Credit & Debit Cards, and Bank Account to PayPal.

From these investigated details, we can say that the website seems suspicious and cannot say yes to: Is Minipee Legit! Hence, one needs to know the positives and negatives if one’s thinking of preferring this website.

Positive Points

  • 24/7 customer assistance is available via Email ID and Postal Address. 
  • Easy return and exchange are available within 14 days of delivery.
  • The HTTPS protocol connection is detected to ensure safety.
  • Free shipping for various products.
  • Present social media links on the main portal.
  • Different online payment methods are available. 

Negative point

  • The portals’ owner information is hidden with WHOIS paid services,
  • Absence of customers’ feedback on the official portal and other website reviewing platforms.
  • COD is not available.
  • Absence of contact number. 
  • Social media links are broken.

Minipee Reviews

Customers’ feedback is very important to know whether the browsed portal is legit and trustworthy or not. But if the portal lacks it, it is hard to trust that store. And the same situation is occurring for this portal, as the absence of reviews on the official portal and other platforms creates doubt. Also, know how to safeguard and protect yourself from Online scams like Credit Cards

The Final Summary

The portal lacks many legitimacy factors; hence we cannot answer the question:Is Minipee Legit!” The hidden owner’s details somehow also completed a doubt for its scam. Moreover, if you still have a doubt, you can refer to the official refund and cancellation policies which have many clauses. 

What do you think about its legitimacy? Please comment below. Moreover, know the tips and tricks for different preventive methods against scams like PayPal.

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