Is Mongant Glove Legit {June 2022} Know The Reviews!

Mongant Glove Online Website Reviews

The write-up discusses the legitimacy of the portal Mongant Glove. Scroll down the entire article to check if Is Mongant Glove Legit or not.

Do you desire to purchase products online from the website Nowadays, everyone enjoys online shopping as it is more convenient to acquire goods from home comfort.

The enhanced demand for online purchasing has increased shopping portals in the United Kingdom and the United States. So, it is necessary to evaluate each website as per different parameters. So today, we will check the website’s legitimacy In detail to make you aware of the fake websites. So let’s check Is Mongant Glove Legit or not.

Is Mongant Glove a scam?

This section is essential to verify the website’s authenticity in the marketplace. The parameters included in this paragraph will help you decide to purchase more easily without any worry about the site’s reputation. 

  • Domain age -The portal Mongant Glove got created on 22nd June 2021, Implying that it is a newly launched website.
  • Trust value -The website has a very poor trust index score of 8%, Signifying that it is not a worthy site.
  • Users experience -The website has no Mongant Glove Reviews on the web and social media sites
  • Social networking sites – The portal Mongant Glove has no significant social media platforms on the web, which is a negative factor.
  • Official address – Mongant Glove’s website has a company address and email account.
  • Company guidelines – The website Mongant Glove has different company policies like return and refund policies which is a good sign. 
  • Website content – The website’s interface Mongant Glovedoesn’t seem unique to the purchasers.
  • Irrational discount – The website Mongant Glove has several implausible discounts and deals.

Is Mongant Glove Legit? After considering all these parameters, we can say that Mongant Glove’s website doesn’t seem legit now. So let’s check about its offering.

What is Mongant Glove?

It is an e-store offering gloves and makeup removal pads at a decent price. Around the United States, the website is gaining huge popularity because of its deal and high-quality products. But as we have discussed, scams are increasing. So, it is crucial to check their authenticity under different circumstances because it lacks user experience as well. So let’s know the website’s features to clarify if Is Mongant Glove Legit.

Specifications of Mongant Glove:

Mongant Glove is a shop providing multiple kinds of products to people. This section of features of the website will give you an overview of the website’s reputation and service to its customers.

  • Domain registration date – 22nd June 2021
  • Website URL –
  • Website offerings – Gloves
  • Payment options – VISA, Amex, and many more
  • Company address – Gotham Coworking, Avenue D’Ouchy 4, 1006 Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  • Phone number – Absent
  • Email account – [email protected].
  • Return policy – Present
  • Refund policy – Present

After considering these points, we need to check the website’s merit and demerit to understand the site better.

Pros to clarify Is Mongant Glove Legit

  • The website Mongant Glove provides good quality products at a decent price.
  • The site is SSL and HTTPS secured.
  • Different payment options are present, which is convenient for purchasers.
  • The company address is present specifically with an email address.

Cons of purchasing from Mongant Glove:

  • Mongant Glove’s website is newly registered, and it has a recent termination date.
  • The portal Mongant Glove has a poor trust score and an Alexa score.
  • There are no social media platforms on the Mongant Glove, which is a highly negative factor.
  • There are no customer reviews present anywhere on the website.

Mongant Glove Reviews 

Purchaser’s review matters a lot in online purchasing as it is the only parameter that gives complete insight into the website’s reputation in the market.

But for this website, we failed to gain any customer reviews because there are no social media platforms linked to this official website. Also, there is no specific section on the official site for the purchaser’s experience. So, the folks claim that it is not a reputable website. Check how to get a refund from PayPal if scammed.

Conclusion offering gloves has a poor trust index score and young domain age. Also, there are no customer reviews present anywhere is a negative sign for any legit portal. Is Mongant Glove Legit? No, We advise you to wait for some time before purchasing goods online. Read the information regarding credit card scams online.

Have you purchased any products from the site? Then do let us know your experience In the comment section below.

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