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Myinnovo com Online Website Reviews

Please peruse this article to address your question Is Myinnovo com Legit about an online platform offering a therapeutic product to stress incontinence.

Do you suffer from stress incontinence? Have you heard of a treatment to improve this condition? Would you like to browse the platform that offers this product? Then, you have come to the right place.

Today’s write-up has mentioned facts of an online platform providing solutions to stress incontinence. Ladies from the United States want to confirm if this website is legitimate to be sure while shopping for the item. Hence, please read till the end to address Is Myinnovo com Legit.

Is Myinnovo com Reliable?

We have gathered facts from several Net sources to address the subject query. Buyers can refer to this section and become sure of visiting this store.

  • Site Oldness – This platform’s oldness is four years, two months, and twenty days. The creation date of the store was 23 April 2018.
  • Platform Trust Index – 86%, which is a Good Trust Score.
  • Ranking in Alexa – 537758, which is an average grade.
  • Links to Social Media – Connections to the website’s Facebook and Instagram profiles are on the home page’s bottom.
  • Myinnovo com Reviews The portal has testimonials and reviews where users have explained how this website’s product helped them. We also found a reference to this website on a notable feedback forum.
  • Contact Information – The telephone number, e-mail address, and physical address are mentioned. However, the location is a common workspace centre that multiple firms share.
  • Informative Web Design – The portal has numerous sections providing useful and relevant information about its product. These include sizing guides, manuals, and blogs about the subject medical condition.

These researched particulars imply the genuineness of this online platform, and addressing Is Myinnovo com Legit. Nonetheless, one can go through further feedback to confirm its originality.

What is Myinnovo com?

Myinnovo com is an online shopping portal selling a non-invasive therapeutic product for stress incontinence among women. The item is called the Innovo kit, comprising a specially designed pair of shorts, cable, conductive spray, charger, strap, and controller.


  • Type of Platform – A virtual shopping store offering solutions to treat stress incontinence. 
  • Site Address –
  • Telephone Number – (+1) 833 891 6369
  • Physical Address – 6701 Koll Center Parkway, Suite-250, Pleasanton, CA-94566
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • Connections to Social Media – Linked to store’s Facebook and Instagram handles. Discussing Is Myinnovo com Legit, social media connection is a vital point.
  • Returning and Refund Details – The team abides by a money-back policy of thirty days from receipt. Shoppers will receive a replacement product or a refund after the team receives the faulty one.
  • Policy of Shipment – Shipment processing time is three to five working days. This website does not charge shipping charges. 
  • Privacy Policy – Present
  • Payment Methods – Debit or credit cards of Amex, Discover, etc., besides Affirm financing and PayPal.
  • Terms and Conditions – Available
  • Filter By and Sort By – Not applicable 
  • Price of Items – Specified in USD.

Pros Discoursing Is Myinnovo com Legit 

  • This website has a well-designed interface. Also, it comprises several vital information regarding stress incontinence and its treatment.
  • The developers have mentioned all policies and terms clearly.
  • The subject store has spent some time in the e-market, so buyers shall not have many issues trusting it.
  • The social media accounts of this portal are updated with the latest news. 


  • The price of this therapeutic item may seem a little on the higher side for some buyers.
  • The team has missed specifying the approximate time taken to process the exchange or return. 

Myinnovo com Reviews

Not many people have mentioned this website on the Internet’s leading reviewing portal. However, many users of this product have reviewed it on the online store. Some are mentioned as testimonials, and the rest are under the Reviews section. These reviews are impartial and authentic, as they contain star ratings of one through five, mostly five. The positive comments praise the product and its efficiency. In comparison, some users have critically reviewed that the item did not work. Thus, you can read Get Your Money Back from PayPal if scammed as a safe option.


This account concludes the legitimacy of this website and answers Is Myinnovo com Legit. Yet, readers can peruse more feedback on the Web if they wish to buy the item. Also, you can learn the Methods To Get Money Back on credit card for more safety. Moreover, please read about stress incontinence, its causes, and symptoms. 

Have you tried this portal’s product? Please share your experiences below.

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