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Myinnovo Online Website Reviews

The website has mentioned all the details relating to Is Myinnovo Legit is looking forward to selling the products to all the women suffering from the problem.

Bladder leaks are a very common problem in women nowadays. To solve this problem, myinnovo has come up with the latest technology that can help the women solve the problem in twelve weeks. It has build-up shorts that women can wear and save themselves from the tricky kegel exercises.

The latest advancement has brought a sense of relief in women of the United States, and they are very eager to try this new technology. Further information can be collected from Is Myinnovo Legit section.

Is Myinnovo an authentic e-commerce site?

The website has come up with new technology that is constantly trying to help women in need and solve bladder leaks. The device helps to solve the root cause of incontinence but whether the website is authentic is the question. The given points mentioned below describe the full details of the website.

  • Website Formation date- The website was created on 23/04/2018.
  • Trust index- The trust index of the website is 86%, which indicates a good trust score.
  • Reviews- The website has received a pretty decent Myinnovo Reviews
  • Alexa Rank- The global rank is 236108, which is a good rank in millions of online websites.
  • Plagiarised content- No plagiarism can be observed on the website, and the information is transparent.
  • Address originality- No address is mentioned on the website.
  • Contact number- 8338916369
  • Operating hours- Monday- Friday 9 a.m to 8 p.m

The website seems to be legitimate as it has a very good trust score, and people have also given positive reviews to the website and the product being sold on it. The information is given on Is Myinnovo Legit section to help the women especially go through the required details.

Details of Myinnovo

Myinnovo is an online website that sells shorts worn by women suffering from urine incontinence. The shorts have been recognized globally, and it is an FDA-cleared non-invasive device that helps treat the root cause of bladder leaks. The device has won many awards and recognition and holds the world record for people jumping on the trampoline. The shorts have to be worn for thirty minutes initially, and gradually the timing can be increased according to the needs.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain age- The website’s domain age is 23/04/2018.
  • URL-
  • Social media links- Facebook and Instagram links provided answers Is Myinnovo Legit 
  • Category- Device that helps to control urine incontinence
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- No Address details are provided.
  • Returns- 30 days from the receipt of the product that the customers are fully satisfied with the product or not.
  • Refunds- In case of dissatisfaction, the buyers can return the product, issuing full refunds.
  • Payments – Standard payment methods.
  • Shipping and delivery- The shipment will be processed within 3-5 days via FedEx.

Positive features of the website

  • The shorts are so specifically designed that they automatically induce the kegal and the pelvic muscles exercises 
  • The device helps build the muscles of the lower areas.

Negative features based on Is Myinnovo Legit or illegit

  • There are no address details provided on the website in case of any reference.
  • There are no proper payment modes mentioned to know about the specific payment criteria.

Customer Views

Since the launch of the device, millions of customers have already bought this item to cure their problem, and it has received positive reviews from the people of the United Kingdom. There are also reviews mentioned on the social media links by the customers who have purchased it, and they seem to be happy after the purchase. 

We would suggest the buyers’ visit Myinnovo Reviews section. The required details for those who have not tried the product and are willing to try are already given and are asked to go through the Everything You Should Know About PayPal Scam.


People can read here about the information on Urine Incontinence , and women can take the necessary steps to control the leaks make their bladder strong. There are proper and transparent details provided about the website. 

We suggest that buyers try the product once in case of any difficulty with the bladder and read the section Is Myinnovo Legit and Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam. Please mention your views here. 

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