Is Opqpike Legit {April 2022} Quick Website Review!

Opqpike Online Website Reviews

Is Opqpike Legit? This blog will show you whether you should trust this site or not. Read the full information to know its service details and reviews.

Do you love kayaking? Do you love water sports like kayaking? Have you decided to purchase a personal kayak? If yes, then reading this article can help you out.

Kayak is a bit expensive, so most people find it difficult to buy it. However, a web portal named Opqpike brings kayak collections at a very minimal range so that everyone in Canada can pay for them without overburdening themselves. However, Is Opqpike Legit? Let us together find the answer.

Analyzing the Opqpike legitimacy:

Do not fall into the trap of ‘Low price’ products; first, analyze whether the site’s service is trustable or not. We always advise reviewing the legitimacy because, at the present time, innocent people become the victim of scam activity every day. Here you can find information about this web portal.

  • Opqpike’s Age: The age details are hidden, but in whois data, its last updating date is available, which is 2nd March 2022.
  • Trust Score: It is 32 percent.
  • Website’s Name: The name is ‘’
  • Reviews: Opqpike Reviews are not present.
  • Broken Links: No ‘non-clickable’ link is available.
  • Community Network: We found popular social media icons on the site. 
  • Missing Data: Number & address.
  • Payment Procedures: You can pay via various online modes.
  • Operator Data: The data is saying ‘Fallein’ is the operator.
  • Plagiarism: 22% is a similar record, while 21% is a piracy record.
  • Skipped Pages: One page is present.
  • Location Authentication: Location information is missing.

As per the data, it’s transparent that the shop has many red flags. So, more analysis is recommended.

What is the Opqpike shop?

Opqpike shop is a virtual seller based in Canada; However, Is Opqpike Legit? The shop brings unique genre products: kayaks, paddle boats, and boats of variety at a minimum price range. You see the top ‘Menu Header’- Kayak, Boat, and Paddle Boat with Home tab on the landing page. You can find the whole collection by opening those category tabs. 

However, you also observe its product catalog in the Home section, as some products are placed on the landing page. Coming to the description of its commodities, each and every kayak or boat has a detailed description with pictures. The price of every boat is very minimal if it’s compared with the actual price, which is a notable fact.

Specifications to Clarify Opqpike Reviews:

  • URL of the Shop:
  • Physical Location Details: No details are obtainable.
  • Email Details: [email protected].
  • Official Number: The customer support number isn’t present.
  • Transportation Charges: The estimation is available at the gateway process. 
  • Remarks: Single review is not present.
  • Transportation Duration: The logistic time for delivering orders is 15 to 25 business days. However, it may take more time due to Covid-19.
  • Replacement Policy: The policy is active for damaged products.
  • Return Facility: The facility becomes inactive after 14 days.
  • Refund Policy: Within 3 to 5 days, the full payment is refunded.
  • Is Opqpike Legit: It is not a trustable site.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, JCB, Discover, PayPal, Giro Pay, Trust Pay, Union Pay, American Express, etc.
  • Cancellation Policy: The policy is available only if the product shipping isn’t completed. You need to mail the authority before canceling the order.


  • The shop brings boats and kayaks.
  • The HTTPS connection provides security.
  • Different paying processes.
  • The price is very low.


  • Shallow trust rating.
  • Fake community media icons.
  • Address & reviews are absent.
  • The official number is absent.
  • The product price is abnormally low.
  • Piracy content is present.

Consuers’ reviews on ‘Is Opqpike Legit’:

The shop has no reviews on the external weblogs and its own web portal. We have fetched the different platforms but did not get any feedback. 

The site shows having a connection with social media as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram icons are present; However, those logos aren’t valid as they come back to the landing page instead of the account page. Also, check the latest step to get money back on PayPal

Final Verdict:

So, in the end, we found the authority of this shop has hidden several things like age, address, contact number, etc. So, Is Opqpike Legit? It has a poor trust score, no remarks, fake social media logos, etc.; therefore, it might be suspicious. Additionally, read the tips and tricks to file a claim for refunds on credit cards. Is the site’s data helpful? Please convey it in the comment section.

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