Is Palmdales Legit {June 2022} Find The Complete Review!

Palmdales Online Website Reviews

Is Palmdales Legit? The shop brings wonderful collections of contemporary jewellery for global shoppers. Please check its service details and authenticity. 

Do you love to wear jewellery? If you like to team up new contemporary styled jewellery with your daily fashion, reading this content would help you get an insight into an online jewellery retail shop. Palmdales, this webshop, is promoting itself as a reputable jewellery seller in the United States. We found that netizens get hyper over their collection from the recent data about this site. But, before accessing the site, do you know about its authenticity? What if the site is fooling innocents? So, before using the shop, let’s check if Is Palmdales Legit or not.

Analyzing the Palmdales shop’s legitimacy:

You may ask us why checking authenticity is important- well, by determining the trustability factor, users can get a precise outline if they should access the portal or not. Today’s crime cases include the major cybercrimes where people are often seen to report online harassment, money fraud, and data-stealing incidents; therefore, to be in the safe corner, you must check the authenticity.

  • Address Verifications: The address is verified. But the corporation name is absent.
  • Trust Rate: It is 1 percent.
  • Domain Name:
  • Reviews: Palmdales Reviews are missing.
  • Age: In accordance with the result, its age is 2 and half months. The establishment took place on 12th March 2022.
  • Missing Record: Cancellation, number.
  • Duplicate Record: 8% is duplicate data, and 25% is a similar record. 
  • Payment Processes: Multiple gateways are obtainable.
  • Broken URLs: 1 link has been found.
  • Company Name: Palmdales is the mother company that operates the operations.
  • Skipped Pages: Presence of 26 skipped pages.
  • Social Media Profile: The details are lacking on the website.

Therefore, the portal is newly established (less than 6 months old) and possesses shallow authority. Let’s search for it more.

What is the Palmdales shop?

Is Palmdales Legit? The site is advertising itself as a jewellery seller that provides services in foreign countries like Australia. The site claims to deliver premium-quality jewellery pieces at a cheap range. Here, jewellery lovers can fetch different types and designs of chain and pendant sets and stylish finger-rings. Plus, they have displayed a minimum for the buyers at a reasonable price on the home page.

The collection can be observed on the landing page; however, the ‘Shop’ section has no collection details. Coming to the product pages, the page has a colour and quantity tab to select your favourite colour and quantity with a short description and a single picture.

Specifications Following Palmdales Reviews:

  • URL:
  • Feedback: No feedback is present.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Address Details: 4419-Coldwater Canyon Ave., Studio-City, CA.
  • Contact Number: The client service can’t be accessed on the site.
  • Shipping Information: The site delivers to over 200 countries, and the minimum shipping time is 5 days and the maximum time is 45 days.
  • Cancellation Details: The information is lacking.
  • Charges Information: Free shipping without any condition.
  • Return Details: Following the details, the portal has a 30days return policy.
  • Refund Process: The refund can be obtained when you receive official approval.
  • Is Palmdales Legit: It’s not known yet.
  • Replacement Policy: You can return the order and again place a new order.
  • Payout System: JCB, Visa, Discover, Amex, Master Card, etc.


  • Amazing collections of contemporary jewellery are available.
  • The price rate is cheap compared with other sites.
  • Several gateways for payment.
  • HTTPS protocol is active.


  • The site contains a shallow trust score.
  • The site doesn’t have single feedback.
  • Absence of corporate number.
  • No details about its social network profiles.
  • Piracy content is present.
  • Broken URLs and skipped pages are present. 

Consumers’ opinion on ‘Is Palmdales Legit’:

In these 2.5 months, the shop hasn’t acquired any remarks related to its product and its service. Well, we found a section to provide ratings and reviews. Moreover, absence of remarks on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Additionally, the shop owner hasn’t created a profile on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to promote its business. Also, read the tricks to claim refunds on paypal.

Final Verdict:

The portal is newly registered, having no reviews and social profile; plus, the presence of a shallow trust score, piracy content, and broken links are questioning its reliability. So, Is Palmdales Legit? The site should be used after creating goodwill in the market. Additionally, find out some tips for asking for a refund on your credit card. Is the content helpful? Kindly declare your feedback in the comment box.

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