Is Proper New Thing Legit (Jan) Detailed Website Reviews

Proper New Thing Online Website Reviews

Please read this composition to answer your query Is Proper New Thing Legit regarding an online e-commerce store that sells home and outdoor décor products.

Did you complete your shopping to decorate your home in this new year? Are some desired items still on your waiting list? Do you want to buy unique decorative showpieces to adorn your residence? Then, please read this write-up without further ado.

In today’s composition, we have covered details about a website that sells home décor items. Buyers from many nations, especially the United Kingdom and the United States, cannot learn about it. Thus, please read this article to find out Is Proper New Thing Legit.

Is Proper New Thing Authentic?

Here we have mentioned some points that we researched about this portal. These details will help you know in detail how genuine the subject website is.

  • Portal Age – The website is one year and two months old. The developers released this platform on 13 October 2020.
  • Portal Trust Score – 14% that is a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Alexa Rank – 2,825,904, which is a substandard ranking. Although the website has crossed the one-year mark, it could not drive much traffic.
  • Reviews of Customers – Some products on this website contain the customers’ feedback. However, these Proper New Thing Reviews are not linked with their dates. Therefore, it is difficult to rely on them.
  • Availability of Contact Details – There is no contact number or physical address available on the website. Thus, if customers want to contact the concerned team, they will have to mail them and wait for the reply.
  • Missing Specifications – No sorting or filtering options are available on the website. 
  • Absence of Categorization – The designers have poorly created the portal as the numerous, and a wide variety of products are present without categories.

The above points depict that this website’s authenticity is doubtful. However, we cannot declare Is Proper New Thing Legit as it is comparatively new.

What is Proper New Thing?

Proper New Thing is an online e-commerce store that provides decorative home accessories. These include metal wall art, classic showpieces, solar lamps, etc. The platform also sells items that one can place in their gardens, such as sculptures and planter pots.


  • Website Type – An online electronic commerce website that sells home and outdoor decorative products.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Information – No address or telephone number is available.
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • Sorting and Filtering Options – Absent
  • Shipping Details – The developers have mentioned that they cannot guarantee any shipping timeframe. This is a vital point regarding Is Proper New Thing Legit.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use – Present
  • Return and Refunds Information – The website does not offer returns unless the item is damaged. 
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, credit and debit cards of Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • Price of Products – The regional currency is showing by default. Customers can alter it to other currencies like CAD, EUR, USD, AUD, etc., via the arrow pointers.
  • Social Media Linking – Unavailable


  • The portal contains a wide spectrum of items.
  • The pictures, along with the product descriptions, are clear and explicitly described.

Disadvantages Elucidating Is Proper New Thing Legit

  • The website does not have any connections with social media platforms. 
  • The developers have not provided the options to sort or filter the products. Also, the items are available without categorization. 
  • The notification about recent purchases shows on the bottom-right corner of the screen. However, these are too frequent to be true and block the quick links’ accessibility.
  • The owners have not given any information regarding the shipping timelines. Furthermore, they have also written that they cannot guarantee the shipping period. 
  • The customer reviews on the portal do not have the corresponding dates.

Proper New Thing Reviews

No reviewing portal like Trustpilot or Reddit cites this website. This is indicative of the unpopularity and newness of this portal. It seems that buyers have yet not trusted this website to buy its items. However, there are some positive reviews about the products on the website. Nevertheless, we are unsure about their genuineness as they do not have the corresponding dates. Thus, please read how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed to protect your money.

The Concluding Thoughts

The available information suggests that this website is wary. However, we cannot proclaim Is Proper New Thing Legit as it is comparatively new. Therefore, read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam before browsing this platform. Also, you may like to learn about solar lamps and their working principles.

Please write your views about this portal below.

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