Is Publicrec com Legit {May} Read The Reviews!

Publicrec com Online Website Reviews is an original and official website in the US that sells sports clothing for men and women. Is Publicrec com Legit or scam? Read.

Do you feel problems wearing normal clothes for gym and workouts? Are you searching for the perfect clothes that can pet your size and comfort your body while workout? There is one of the top-selling websites in the United States,, provides you with the best men’s and women’s Sportswear.

This website has many different categories of clothes in sportswear that can be comfortable and fit to your size. Therefore it will be very useful if we find out Is Publicrec com Legit or a scam?

Information about Public

  • Age of website: public domain was created on 18 October 2004. It’s been 17 years since this website worked at online and offline stores.
  • Alexa rank of the website: This website has a very good ranking of 180851, and with the period website got a change of +109723 from the original rank.
  • SEO of website: This website contains a very interesting trust score of 86 %.
  • Social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles are available for this website.
  • Publicrec com Reviews can verify all the doubts regarding the website’s legitimacy. Therefore, we should check all the product’s social media reviews and website reviews.
  • Copied content: this website has 66 % of plagiarism content, but it may be due to some fake website having stolen the information.
  • Contact address proof: this website has many offline stores in the US, and all are legit.
  • Customers review: the website contains reviews on the website and social media handles.
  • Information about the owner: owner information is not provided
  • Return/ exchange policy: you can return the unworn and unwashed clothes in 45 days.

About Public

Is Publicrec com Legit or fraud? We can see that by details available on the website’s official website and social media pages. This website has the best fitting sports clothes for men and women. This company is the top-selling brand in the US. Many offline stores in the US region also provide online services to all other countries.


  • Type of the website: sportswear companies in the US have an offline and online website store
  • Domain Date: 18th October 2004
  • Website link:
  • Contact no.: we could not find any contact number information on the website

Is Publicrec com Legit or a scam is now very much clear by the information we saw on the website and the social media handle about the company. A few more pieces of information might lead to a better conclusion.

  • Email ID: support@
  • Contact Address: contact address information is unavailable
  • Product’s Price: you can pay various Prices according to the currency of your country
  • Sort & Filter: you can easily sort and filter products in different categories of men’s and women’s wear
  • Delivery policies: shipping takes 7 working days.
  • Mode of payment: PayPal

Pros to justify: Is Publicrec com Legit

  • The company has many offline stores in the United States.
  • This company has been working since 2004. They also have online stores.
  • The trust score of the website is very awesome at 86 %.
  • The website contains customer reviews all over the social media pages and on its official website.


  • Some vital information like email id and contact information is not available on the website.
  • The website’s return policy is very strict.
  • There is no clear information about the owner of the company.

Publicrec com Reviews

For the website, all social media handles and the website have customer reviews with good star ratings and valuable comments and feedback. These reviews and comments are very helpful in finding the website’s legitimacy. Although all reviews and products seem legit, we can buy products from this website. Also, check How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed while shopping online.

Conclusion is a legit website with crucial customer reviews and comments on products and websites.

Did you visit the offline stores of Public Rec? Write down your comments about the website in the section below. To get more sportswear, visit. Is Publicrec com Legit or scam very clear now by checking all the information online Also, Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams is in this link.

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