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Qwqlta Online Website Reviews

This article on Is Qwqlta Legit will highlight the pros and cons and all the legitimate pieces of information.

Are you planning to buy a bicycle or any other household products? If your answer is yes, then is the perfect option for you that is serving Worldwide. They have several items that are of use in our day-to-day tasks.

Is Qwqlta Legit? This store has a good collection, but does that means it is safe to use? Ofcourse not. The answer will be no. Without checking all the legitimate details of this site, we cannot recommend you all to buy from this store.

Is this store legit or a scam?

Have you checked all the legitimate details of this store? Some customers might be aware of the fact that many online stores are not genuine. They sell defective products or may intentionally misuse your credentials. So, people must be aware of all such things. This paragraph will provide all the details. So, there is no need to search here and there. You will receive information like Qwqlta Reviews, trust index and more such things which will show the honest details of the store. So if you are confused or in a dilemma whether to buy from this site or not, then you must go through all the details we are sharing ahead. 

Legitimacy details:

  • Registration life: 2nd December 2021 is the domain registration date of, which indicates it is a new website.
  • Registrar: The registrar is Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a HiChina.
  • Trust Score: Its trust Score of is under the Very Bad Trust Index bracket, which is 1%. The site could not be trusted based on this trust score.
  • Social pages: As per Is Qwqlta Legit, there are no official pages of this store found on any platform of social media. This makes this website the least popular.
  • Customer’s feedback: There are no reviews on other review sources, but we feel delighted to mention that their collection has some positive ratings and reviews by the shopper’s, but those don’t seem legit.
  • Missing information: Contact details, Email, are mentioned, but the owner’s identity and address are missing from the official website.
  • Privacy policy: All the policies were mentioned appropriately. But, the exchange policy was missing from the layout.
  • Data safety: The website uses the Https server to protect the customer’s data and other information that a buyer shares.

Brief as per Is Qwqlta Legit

Qwqlta store is an online selling store that deals in many items that are used in our household tasks. They are serving to provide comfort and a convenient lifestyle for their customers. Let’s see the products they are selling:

  • Toys for kids like cars, mini motorbikes, etc.
  • Electronics items like Smart Tv, Tablet, etc.
  • Bicycles for kids
  • Tools

All these products are available in one place with great deals. So, you can check all these products on their official website.


  • Purchase Electronics from
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Telephone: +44 (0)20 7405 7686.
  • Address details of this store were not mentioned on the official website page.
  • According to Is Qwqlta Legit, there are positive ratings and reviews found on the official website page under many products, but there is no relevant information available on other review sources. This makes the site suspicious.
  • Return/ refund policy:
  • They are offering a 14 days return policy. It means defective products can be returned within this time.
  • Refunds will be credited after inspection through the original payment mode.
  • Shipping time takes around 15-30 days.
  • Payment methods: Diners Club International, Visa, American Express, Master Card.

Positive highlights

  • Email, the telephone number are mentioned.
  • The Https is followed.

Negative Highlights

  • Pages on social media were not available.
  • Positive reviews on products seem to be fake.
  • Address and owner identity is missing.

Qwqlta Reviews

The website seems to be good as it shared email address and telephone details, but that doesn’t show its legitimacy as it did not provide the address and owner identity. The website doesn’t have any official page on social media, and there are no reviews found on other review sites. Although some good ratings were shown on the products, they seem meaningless. 

The website is not famous in the Alexa and; it got poor ranking there. You can see the method to get a return for a credit card if scammed through this post.

Final Summary

Based on Is Qwqlta Legit, we found that is a very new website that was registered a few days back. The trust score of this website is very poor and unfavorable. It is unacceptable by many customers. More details on the legitimacy of thisQwqlta Store can be seen on this page.

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