Is Ralenlar com Legit {Nov 2021} A Complete Review!

Ralenlar Online Website Reviews

Is Ralenlar com Legit {Nov 2021} A Complete Review! -> If you cannot decide while purchasing from a new online store, read our review below and make an informed decision as all the facts related to it are discussed here.

Dewalt products are sold through many online and offline stores, and is also offering them through its online portal. Is Ralenlar com legit, or it is another scam like many others, who promises branded products at throwaway prices. Many scammers use the name Dewalt as it is a well-known brand in the power and hand tool category in the United States.

Scammers always target famous brands in particular categories as it gives them an existing market, and they try to lure customers with the finest of marketing tool, “Discount offer”. This Review will try to bring all the facts related to Ralenlar for your informed purchase.

Is Ralenlar com Legit?

As per the information available on the internet, this site was designed only 21 days ago. Any website in operation for less than four months can be suspicious. The price at which Dewalt tools are made available on this platform will fall in the heavily discounted category. has given a trust rating of 1 per cent for this online store as it found its activity suspicious. Though the web site’s design is quite professional, the content used in many of its pages is of substandard level. 

These are some of the observations made by Ralenlar com Reviews but for more, keep reading it till the end. 

About Ralenlar com: 

Ralenlar is an online store that claims to sell Dewalt products at a discounted price. There is nothing to ascertain that it is an authorized channel partner of the manufacturer. Some of the product sold on this platform are power tool, hand tool, Air tool and it also sell tool storage box all of them belonging to Dewalt brand.

Most of its production is consumed in the construction industry, and households keep it for their personal use for small repair work.  The product available on this platform is priced between $ 15 and $ 100, depending on the product and its size. 

To conclude, Is Ralenlar com legit or a scam? It’s important to discuss its specifications, pros and cons for an unbiased review.

Specifications of the website:

  • Name of the website:
  • Product sold: Power tool and Hand tool.
  • Days in operation: It was created 21 days ago.
  • Alexa Ranking: It is ranked 4,779,499 among many websites.
  • HTTPs: It uses a valid SSL connection.
  • Refund Policy: Customer can refund the item within 14 days, one product is delivered.
  • Shipping Policy: International shipment available.
  • Phone: (903) 292- 9660.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 177 Meadow line, Long Lake, MN 55356 United States.


  1. The large stock keeping unit of the product is beneficial for the customers as it gives them many choices.
  2. Is Ralenlar com legit, found the product available on this portal to be discounted heavily compared to the same item available on another website.
  3. The website is designed professionally, and at first look, it gives a good impression.
  4. Customer email, phone number and physical address increase the store’s credibility in the customer’s mind.
  5. Shipping policy and refund policy are well designed as they give customers the same benefit which they avail on the famous marketplace like Amazon and eBay.


  1. According to Is Ralenlar com legit, the website’s content is of substandard level, and it appears as if it has been copied from some scammer’s site.
  2. There is no customer review available on the product page for customers to know more about its product.
  3. Social media icon does not take the customer to its handle at it has not developed its account; rather, it takes to a customer account or social media home page.
  4. The name of the owner or group behind it is not available, which is highly suspicious as people are clueless about the person responsible for all the transactions they are making with.

What are Ralenlar com Reviews?

Though it is a new website, there are many reviews available on digital platforms about this portal. The presence of Ralenlar is almost negligible on social media, and its available icon on the landing page will not take you to the site social media account.

Have you ever been scammed online using PayPal, then read here to get the refund.

1% trust index on is quite disappointing and indicates what people can expect from this site. Most reviewers have given negative feedback about this portal, so one should remain away from this dubious website.

Final verdict:

After analyzing minutely different details about this web portal, Is Ralenlar com Legit found this online store dubious and advises the customer to remain alert while dealing with a suspicious website like this, as you can be the part of credit card scam as well.

If you have been scammed, please share your story with us in the comment section and give your opinion about this Review below. read here.

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