Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit {Dec} Detailed Website Review!

Real Trumpy Bear Online Website Review

The following research on Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit will give you proper and honest details of this store selling Trumpy Bear.

Are you in need of any unique piece to enhance the ambiance of your house? How would a Trumpy Bear look? It is a great idea if you will go through it once. Real Trumpy Bear in the United States has the most different collection of bears.

Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit? No doubt, the type of Bear they sell is unique of all, but we need to understand that the store must be free of any unfair things. Let’s discuss more on this website.

Is this store legit?

The store could be legit or a scam, but how would we judge its legitimacy? Does any customer know how to judge the safety standards of these online stores or websites? If not, then this article is appropriate for you where you will find every detail of this website. Real Trumpy Bear Reviews is one of the primary factors which plays an important role in judging the honesty of this site. We can’t be judgemental without any bold investigation. 

So let’s discuss these factors:

  • Domain life: 6th August 2018 is the registration date which means the life of this website is quite old.
  • Registrar:, LLC is the registrar of the Real Trumpy Bear store.
  • Trust Score: 86% is the trust score which comes under the Good Trust Score category with low risk.
  • Data safety: The site uses Https Protocol for the safety of their customers so that they can share their information without hesitation.
  • Social connections: Based on Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit, there are pages available on social media platforms, but we regret to inform you that there is no relevant information on their pages.
  • Customer reviews: There were no relevant reviews found either on the trumpy Bear shown on the website or on other review sites. 
  • Privacy policy: The website seems to be fake as the privacy policy is not mentioned in a well-detailed manner. Many policies like an exchange, cancellation policy were missing.
  • Missing information: All the details were mentioned, like email ID, telephone details, address, but the website didn’t provide the proper category of their product. The product is not shown with proper labels.

Brief as per Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit

The Trumpy Bear is on the famous Bear that was made after the ex Us President. It comes with the national flag of the US. Features of Trumpy Bear are as follows:

  • 22″ bear with a flag themed blanket attached 28″ by 30″.
  • It has zippered a neck, and the blanket is stored here.

You can visit this store if you want such a good teddy in a reasonable deal.


  • Purchase Trumpy Bear from
  • Email id: [email protected].
  • Address: 12250 Inwood Road #500 Dallas, TX 75244.
  • Telephone: 800-536-5327 or 972-387-8077.
  • Based on Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit, we found company details as Exceptional Products, Inc.
  • Return policy:
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee is offered only for the product price.
  • Shipment policy:
  • Takes 2-4 weeks for the shipment.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Payment options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover.

Positive highlights

  • Free shipping on orders of $59.85.
  • Email, company name, address and telephone number were found.
  • Https protocol is used for safe data transfer.

Negative Highlights

  • No reviews were found on the website.
  • Pages found on social media with no relevant information.
  • Poorly designed website format.

Real Trumpy Bear Reviews

The website is fulfilled with information like email, address, telephone and company details. But one thing that comes to mind is that this website doesn’t have any relevant information on its social media pages. Also, we could not see any information on their website as well as on other review sites. It is clear that hardly any customer had bought from this site.

Also, it might have got an average ranking as per Alexa Rank based on its trust factor, but we can’t trust it blindly. Shoppers can get a refund in case of any credit card scams through this post.

Final Summary

Based on Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit, we found that the trust score of this website is in the good trust score category. And the domain life duration of this store is also quite old. It is more than two years old.  But due to lack of reviews, we cannot recommend this site.You can check more details on Trumpy Bear on this page.

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