Is Renown Leather Legit {June} Read A Scalable Review!

Renown Leather Online Website Reviews
Please read this account to address your question Is Renown Leather Legit regarding a newly established online store selling baskets with leather handles.

Would you like to purchase traditional baskets for carrying your essentials? Are you a fan of classic African craft? Are you searching for baskets with leather handles? Then, please read this article that has discussed a related store.

Today’s write-up has covered how authentic a recently set up digital platform is. Customers from many nations, especially the United States, want to get complete facts about his store. Thus, please read till the end to address your query Is Renown Leather Legit.

Is Renown Leather Genuine?

Please read the following particulars to learn more about this site’s genuineness. We have gathered these details through our research over various trusted sources on the Net. 

  • Age of Portal – This website recently completed two months. The designers launched it on 7 April 2022.
  • Trust Score of Website – 2%, which is a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Connection to Social Media – The platform does not connect to any social media forums.
  • Reviews of Customers – Though the designers have incorporated the reviewing section, no shopper has posted any Renown Leather Reviews yet. 
  • Suspicious Contact Points – The physical address belongs to a home, as per the Web, and is occupied since 2004. Also, the contact number on the Contact Us and Shipping Policy pages are mismatched.
  • Incorrect Sections – The About Us and Manufacturing Process pages mention this store deals with leather jackets, which is false.
  • Limited Products – The website has only twenty items to offer currently. Furthermore, opposing the website name, all items are not made of leather. Some items include this material, and the website’s primary niche seems to be baskets. 

The details we jotted in the above section make this website looks suspicious. Yet, it is difficult to judge Is Renown Leather Legit because it is a new store.

What is Renown Leather?

Renown Leather is a virtual shopping store offering traditional basket types with leather handles. These baskets belong to various designs, namely rosa, bolga, woven, u-shoppers, and belly. However, in contrast to the website name, all its items do not contain leather handles. 


  • Type of Website – A virtual shopping platform that sells traditional baskets with leather handles.
  • Platform Address –
  • Telephone Number – (+1) 516-341 6792 
  • Physical Address – 207, Garden Street, Westbury, NY-11590
  • Electronic Mail Address – [email protected]
  • Linking to Social Media – Unavailable (It is a critical consideration apropos your question Is Renown Leather Legit).
  • Shipment Information – The website delivers products only to the United States, generally in seven business days. The team has not mentioned the shipping charges in the policy.
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy – Specified
  • Details of Refunds and Return – Shoppers can send back the items within thirty days of receiving them. The timeline range for receiving the refund is ten to forty-five days. 
  • Filter By – Absent
  • Sorting Technique – Present
  • Price of Products – Given in USD.
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, debit and credit cards of MasterCard, Visa, etc.


  • The baskets contain classic detailing. 
  • The team has mentioned essential judicial points in the Terms and Conditions.

Cons Vis-à-vis Is Renown Leather Legit

  • There is no filtering method to separate the different baskets by style or price.
  • This platform lacks linking to social media, a critical drawback in the current times.
  • The contact address does not seem to belong to this website as it is a residential property, last sold in 2004.
  • There are only twenty items on the subject platform now.
  • There are two contact numbers available, and one of these does not belong to this website.
  • The Manufacturing Process and About Us webpages mention in this website sells leather jackets. However, there is no category for this item in this store. 

Renown Leather Reviews

We searched for this website’s mention on significant reviewing portals, but such information is unavailable. Thus, it is apparent that customers have not bought any items from this store yet. Moreover, there is no feedback in the assigned section of the website. So, it is evident that shoppers have not relied upon this portal because it is newfangled. Thus, we request you know How to Get a Refund on Paypal if scammed on recently launched stores.


This website has a low trust score, is only two months old, and has some suspicious features. Nevertheless, it may be too early to declare Is Renown Leather Legit. Therefore, we request you know how to Get money refund on credit card for security. Also, you can read about bolga baskets  and its origin. 

Do you find this website trustworthy? Please write below. 

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