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Rmbestdeals Online Website Reviews

Please peruse this account to confirm your doubt, Is Rmbestdeals Legit regarding a recent online store that sells clothing and accessories for men and women.

Are you fond of wearing branded clothes and accessories? Do you like purchasing outfits of the best quality? Would you like to gain knowledge about an online platform dealing with branded garments? Then, please read till the end without delaying further. 

In this composition, we have covered information related to a recently established website. Customers from many nations, especially Australia, are looking forward to getting all the details about this platform. Therefore, please continue reading to address your query Is Rmbestdeals Legit

Is Rmbestdeals Genuine?

It will be wise to read the below details before you continue to shop from this portal. These facts will explain the legitimacy of this online store.

  • Age of Portal – This website is very recent, and its age is only five days. The designers established this platform on 11 May 2022.
  • Trust Index of Website – 60%, a Moderate Trust Score.
  • Social Media Linking – The social media icons on the home page, namely Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, are misleading. The icons open the last browsed page and not any of the website’s social media accounts. 
  • Customer Reviews – There are no Rmbestdeals Reviews on the website. Also, the reviewing section is poorly designed, as there is no option to post feedback. 
  • Contact Information’s Absence – The website lacks the owner’s telephone number and address. Furthermore, the e-mail id does not belong to this website.
  • Copied Content – The Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy appear generalized and copied. The name of this website is mentioned as Online Shop in the corresponding places. 
  • Spelling and Grammatical Errors – The designers have spelt satisfaction as a satisefactor. Also, they have written passwords as forget the password.  

These facts make this website appear dubious. However, it is too early to judge Is Rmbestdeals Legit as the website is very recent. 

What is Rmbestdeals?

Rmbestdeals is a virtual fashion store that claims to offer products of the brand R. M. Williams. The items comprise t-shirts, trousers, dresses, shirts, skirts, belts, footwear, etc. Furthermore, the footwear category consists of Chelsea boots, sneakers, etc. 


  • Type of Portal – A digital e-commerce platform that claims to deal with a renowned brand’s clothing, footwear, and accessories.
  • Address of Website –
  • Contact Number and Address – Absent
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]. As seen from this address’s domain, it does not belong to this website, elucidating your query Is Rmbestdeals Legit
  • Sorting and Filtering Options – Present
  • Social Media Connections – Absent
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage – Mentioned
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, credit or debit cards, whose companies are not available on the policy page.
  • Price of Products – Given in AUD.
  • Shipping Information – Standard shipping takes ten to twenty business days. Customers can avoid shipping charges by placing orders above AU$90. 
  • Refund and Return Policies – This website follows a return policy of thirty days from delivery. The refunding timeline is four weeks. 


  • The platform covers many categories for men’s and women’s fashion.
  • The items’ images have high quality.

Cons Reaffirming Is Rmbestdeals Legit

  • The e-mail id belongs to another website, which customers can easily detect from its domain.
  • The team has not mentioned the contact address or number. 
  • The social media icons are deceptive as they redirect to the last page visited.
  • Shoppers may find it tough to trust this website due to its extreme newness.
  • The reviewing section does not have an option to post feedback. It indicates poor or incomplete web design. 
  • The spelling and grammatical errors do not portray a good impression of the website’s authenticity. 
  • The policy wordings mention Online Shop instead of the store’s name. 

Rmbestdeals Reviews

It is expected that such a newfangled website as the subject one will not have any reviews on the notable portals currently. Also, there are no customer opinions on the website, even though the reviewing section is present. Therefore, no data is available about customer reviews either on the store or on open sources. Consequently, we suggest you know how to Get Your Money Back from Paypal if scammed while trying to shop from this website.

The Final Verdict

Based on our research, this website looks suspicious. Nevertheless, it is difficult to assert Is Rmbestdeals Legit due to its recentness. Therefore, we request buyers know how to Get a money refund on a credit card as a precaution. Also, please read some belt sizing tips  to style better. 

What are your opinions on this portal’s legitimacy? Please write to us below.

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