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Is Roomnrn Legit Online Website Reviews
This post on Is Roomnrn Legit reveals all the relevant details related to Roomnrn shopping websites. Get complete information here.

Are you looking to shop from the Roomnrn website? Do you want to know the complete details of the Roomnrn? Roomnrn online store in the United States has a vast collection of electronic gadgets and many more. Unfortunately, in this busy world, people don’t have time to do all the research on the online website before shopping, and they may end up with false deals. But we are here to guide you.

In this post Is Roomnrn Legit, we will provide complete information to the readers regarding the Roomnrn website.

 Is This Site Legit or Scam

Is the Roomnrn online store safe for shopping? Shoppers are always excited about online shopping but have questions about website legitimacy. We have to say that there are many benefits of online shopping, but there is a drawbacks too; Moreover, scammers are always ready to trap innocent people to loot them and take their hard-earned money. But is the Roomnrn website legit or a scam? To know that, please persist in reading.

Roomnrn Reviews provides you with complete details related to Roomnrn online store. After reading this, you will be able to judge its genuineness and honesty. 

  • Website registration Date: 28th June 2022 is the registration date of the Roomnrn website, which is very recent.
  •  Registrar: Roomnrn shopping website registered through LLC.
  •   Buyer’s Review: You will be unable to find any review section on Roomnrn’s official website, which means there are no customer reviews or product ratings on their website.
  • Trust factor: trust factor is only one percent which is not good to trust this website.

Is Roomnrn Legit? to know that, check further information.

  • Plagiarism in policy and images: We have found that the images used in their collection are not 100% unique. So they do have copy pasted their content from other websites.
  • Discount availability: 48% off on some products; adding to that, free shipping on orders over $39.99 are some unrealistic discounts that can be a trap for the shoppers, so be alert before shopping.
  •  Social media account: social media account is missing.
  • Data security:  Roomnrn website uses HTTPS protocol to protect customers’ data.
  • Missing information: social media accounts and customer reviews are missing. The owner’s details are not fully available.

Brief information: Is Roomnrn Legit?

Roomnrn online store has a wide range of products that are budget friendly for the customers. You can find electronic gadgets, gardening tools, organizing kitchen products, and many more on Roomnrn online store. Here are some of the products:

  • Magnetic phone holder
  • 4 in 1 Data cable phone stand 
  • Car trunk Storage bag.

Features of Roomnrn Online shop

  • Buy a magnetic phone holder
  • Phone number: 11736866.
  • Company Address: 330 High Hol born, Hol born, WC1V 7QT, London, United Kingdom.
  •  Email address: email address is not available.

As per Is Roomnrn Legit, customers have not shared their feedback on the official website of the Roomnrn online store. 

  • Shipping Policy: approximately 7 to 20 days to deliver the product.
  •  Payment modes: paypal, visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American express.
  • Return policy: 14 Days return policy.

Positive highlights

  • Company addresses and phone numbers are available on their official website.
  • Free shipping on orders over $39.99.
  • Customer data is secure through HTTPS.

Negative highlights

  • Email id and social media account is missing. 
  • Only partial information about the owner is available according to WHOIS.
  • Product images used in the website are not unique.

Roomnrn Reviews 

Very few websites on the internet have shown interest in reviewing the Roomnrn website and are unsure about its legitimacy. Roomnrn does provide contact details except for email and owner’s details. Furthermore, Roomnrn’s social media account and customer reviews are unavailable. Adding to that, Roomnrn has a substandard trust factor, which creates suspicion in the buyer’s mind.

After referring to all the information on the Roomnrn shopping websites, we would not like to recommend Roomnrn online store for shopping. Roomnrn website has a 5790463 Global ranking on Alexa, which is very poor. Here, shoppers can get complete information about credit card scams.

Final Verdict

Summing up this post on Is Roomnrn Legit, the Roomnrn website is recently registered, and its trust factor is inferior, so shoppers should not rely on this website. Here, buyers can check information regarding PayPal fraud. Visit this link to get more information on car phone holders

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