Is Rothys com Legit {March 2022} Read The Full Review!


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Are you a person who loves to shop online? Are you looking for a hassle-free shopping experience? Have you ever heard about Rothys com online shop? Then, read the below article to get more information. 

In the United States, most people prioritize the quality of the products to avoid disappointment. Shopping online can be easy for everyone when you find the right destination. You won’t consider offline shopping once you find the tricks and tips to spot the right shop. 

Let’s look, Is Rothys com Legit or not? 

Authentication of Rothys com website?

  • Domain Age: The website was founded on 22nd April 2019, and the age of the website is 2 years, 11 months 25 days. 
  • Website Trust Score level: they carry the best level of trust score is about 93%
  • Phone number: you can contact them at 415-737-6849 on this number.
  • Contact Address: we can’t find address details on their website 
  • Discounts- They post any discount details on their website
  • Websites Owner Name: We can’t find any information about the website’s owner.
  • Social Media connectivity: they are connected to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. We can collect the information of Rothys com Reviews on their social media page. 
  • Duplicate Content: It contains 28% duplicate content from another similar website.
  • Alexa Ranking: it ranked 38297 place

Know about Rothys com? 

Rothys com is a viral website where you can buy the best variety of shoes and bags at an affordable price. When shopping online, you can’t get multiple products for best quality. But you should ensure the quality of products before purchasing them. In Rothys online portal, they prioritize the quality, so no need to worry while buying your favourite things. Still, if you are in a dilemma about Is Rothys com Legit or not, consider the following things to get additional information. 

Let’s discover the specification 

  • URL of website– 
  • The web domain was updated on-28th April 2012.
  • The website will end on– 28th April 2026. 
  • Email addressif you have any quires you can send mail  [email protected] to this mail id.  
  • Free shipping- they didn’t mention free shipping details.
  • Details of Return Policy- they accept a return policy when you unused or unwashed the product.
  • Reviews – this website carries average level of reviews from their customer. So you can read the reviews to know Is Rothys com Legit or not. 
  • Details Refund Policy– Refund policy applicable.
  • Exchange Policy– now they are accepting exchange policy.
  • Cancellation Policy– we can’t get any information or details about cancellation policy
  • Payment modesthe website offer multiple payment options such as debit, credit, PayPal, amazon pay, Gpay etc. based on your convenient you can pick the best one.

The above things make clear that this website is very safe to buy products. So now you have got some information about this website. 

Let’s discover the positive and negative sides of this website 

Pros to know Is Rothys com Legit.

  • This website carries the best trust score level, which denotes very safe to buy products. 
  • They have social media presence and are connected to too many sites, so you can get honest reviews from the shop where you can also discover the legitimacy.  
  • They have posted a valid contact number on their website so you can solve your queries. 
  • They ranked in a secure place in Alexa ranking and have a referral discount option.  

Cons of the website  

  • We can’t find the official address of the shop on the website 
  • The chatbox has less response

Rothys com Reviews

Reviews play a vital role when it comes to online shopping. As buyers, they will check reviews before shopping. This website carries the best reviews from the customer and has the best score level of 93%. It indicates you can confidently buy products from this website and hence it is not risky. Thus you can read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam


Now you have a clear understanding of the shop with the help of the above things. So as a customer, you should know the above things to verify Is Rothys com LegitIf you are not familiar with the website better, you can stay away from the site. For buying the best shoes, click here: Also, look for getting Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed

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