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Safoni Online Website Reviews

Our research on Is Shafoni Legit reveals the true colors of the website. You will learn about the features and legitimacy of this website.

Do you also think that furniture can change the atmosphere of the house? Are you looking for affordable and good-quality furniture for your house? If yes, then the Shafoni shop in the United States is the perfect destination for you. But before you shop from this website, please spare a few minutes to go through this post to know Is Shafoni Legit?

The following are important points related to the legitimacy of this website.

Legitimacy details of Shafoni

Shafoni is an e-commerce website that provides furniture of good design and quality. Their products are impressive, but before shopping for anything from this shop, you should ensure that this website is legit and secure. This website is renowned, so there are fewer chances, but still, there can be some fraudulent activities, but still one should always be aware. Buyers should always ensure to avoid sharing personal information with unknown websites.

Hence it is important to read the necessary details related to this website through Shafoni Reviews. Shafoni has a variety of furniture which are affordable as well as of good quality. The following are some of the legitimacy details.

  • Website creation: This website was created on 28th November 2021. This means this website is less than 6 months old, which makes this website new and doubtful. 
  • Registrar: Shafoni was registered by NameCheap, Inc.
  • Social accounts: Shafoni has no social media accounts. However, email addresses and phone numbers are available on the website.
  • Data security: Shafoni uses HTTPS protocol to ensure safe data transfer.
  • Trust rate: This website has a very poor trust score of 1%, which is highly suspicious. And hence the question arises Is Shafoni Legit?
  • Buyer’s feedback: No reviews were found on the official website or the online review sites, probably because this website is new and very few people know about it.
  • Privacy policy: All the necessary policies like privacy policy, shipping policy, return, and refund policy, and terms and conditions are mentioned in the website’s layout. However, the warranty policy was not mentioned anywhere on the website.
  • Missing information: The website’s social media accounts were missing on the website. However, contact number, location, and email address were found on the website.

Brief on Is Shafoni Legit?

This website was created to provide affordable and good-quality furniture in the comfort of the home. Shafoni has a variety of furniture that is of good design and quality. Some of the products sold by Shafoni are as follows:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee table
  • Chair

Features of Shafoni 

  • Buy furniture from 
  • Location: 209 20th STN #95 Birmingham, Postal Code: 35203, Alabama
  • Phone number: +1-207-762-5210
  • Return Policy: Products can be returned within 7 days of purchase.
  • Refund Policy: The refund is transferred within 7-15 business days.
  • Shipping Policy: Orders are shipped within 3-7 days of placing an order.
  • With our research on Is Shafoni Legit, no reviews were found on the official website or the online reviews sites.
  • Payment policy: Shafoni uses Mastercard and PayPal as their payment methods.
  • Warranty: No warranty period is mentioned on the website.

Positive points

  • Email address and phone number were found on the website
  • They offer good quality products at an affordable price.
  • The location of the shop was also found.

Negative points

  • The owner of this domain name is hidden. 
  • The social media of the shop was not found.
  • This website has no reviews, probably because it is still new.

Shafoni Reviews

There were no reviews found on the official website or the online review sites, which shows that this website can’t be trusted completely. And also, the owner’s information and the website’s social accounts were not found. But other than that, the email address, phone number, and location of the shop were accessible. Buyers can take a look at credit card scams through this post.


This website is less than 6 months old and can be considered skeptical. Also, the trust score of this website is as low as 1%, which raises the question Is Shafoni Legit? Other than all this, the products in this shop are really good. 

Please visit this page to know more about furniture 

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Additionally, buyers can take the following steps to stay away from PayPal scammers.

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