Is Shopwithmisa com Legit {Aug 2022} Read Fair Reviews!

Shopwithmisa com Online website Reviews

Readers who wish to know the details for Is Shopwithmisa com Legit, read this article till the end to fetch your answers.

Are you planning to place your orders from Shopwithmisa? What all categories does this website deals with? What are the features of this platform? Readers wondering whether or not Shopwithmisa is safe, read this article till the end to know the facts.

Shopwithmisa is an online platform based in the United States and Ireland. The website deals with categories of toys and other products. Read this article about Is Shopwithmisa com Legit till the end to know whether this website will help you with safe orders or not.

Authenticity Factors of the Website:

Whenever you scroll down an online platform, you check out the legitimacy factors for the website to get assurity whether the portal is a safe spot. For Shopwithmisa, we have addressed all the authenticity factors for your clarity. Explore the section till the end to get your answers.

  • Domain Age for Shopwithmisa: Domain for this website was fetched to be registered on 5th April 2020. It reflects that it has been operating for two years.
  • Shopwithmisa com Reviews: Now that the website has been operating for more than two years, it would have fetched some reviews. Reviews for the portal are brought but are mixed. Some customers have appreciated their purchase, whereas others have marked it not according to their expectations.
  • Social Media Presence for the Platform: The social media accounts for this website are fetched. Instagram and Facebook pages for the portal are actively managed with numerous followers.
  • Contact Details: Contact Form is available, but owner details are missing.
  • Trust Score: The trust score for this website is more than 40% which shows its considerations and justifies the mixed reviews of the same.

All these factors participate in the answers of Is Shopwithmisa com LegitLet’s now find out the essential details for the platform to know more.

What is Shopwithmisa?

Now that we have the details of the platform, we can say that this portal is in the eyes of the customers. Readers who are new to this portal, this website deals with online categories, including backpacks, onesies, plush dolls, notebooks, inquest, notebooks, birthday pins, master lanyards, and many other options.

Headers on the website include squad talk, princess Alex, surprise me, miss misa, and others. If you are still struggling with the answers to the platform, then the section below will help you with better solutions.

Specifications- Is Shopwithmisa com Legit:

  • Website: Deals with plush dolls and other related options.
  • URL:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Juniper (Imprint Creations), 123-Edward Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5G-1E2.
  • Contact Number: Not found.
  • Shipping Time: Calculated at the time of checkout.
  • Shipping Cost: depends on product dimensions and size.
  • Delivery: Depends on the shipping method.
  • Returns/refund: 30 Day Return Policy.
  • Mode of Payment: ShopPay, PayPal.

All these factors further state that it deals with various categories, and all the possible options or details for the same are mentioned on the webpage. Readers still wondering about the authenticity of the same, scroll to the pros and cons headers to know more about Is Shopwithmisa com Legit answers.

Positive Aspects for the Platform: 

  • The portal deals with various categories, including notebooks, plush dolls, and others.
  • The portal will also provide its users with the benefits of a gift card.
  • The website is protected with a valid HTTPS code.
  • Social media channels for the website are also fetched to be active and engaging.

Negatives for the Website: 

  • Owner information for the website is not found over the internet.
  • The trust score for the website is also less than 50%.
  • The address for the portal seems to be wrong or suspicious.

Shopwithmisa com Reviews:

Now that we have the portal details let’s move forward with the reviews for the platform. As mentioned, this website has been rewarded with mixed reviews. Some customers have appreciated their purchases, marking them up to the mark, whereas some have raised concerns over the same.

It is also advised to check out the details for Credit Card Scams before placing an order to know the related threats.

Final Verdict: 

Now that we have all the details for the platform, we can say that this website seems suspicious. Concluding with the final answers for Is Shopwithmisa com Legitthe website has been rewarded with mixed reviews, hence a questionable factor.

To learn more, check out the Risks Associated with Suspicious Platforms about PayPal Scams and other issues.

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