Is Sneakerllcity Legit (March) Read Website Reviews!

Sneakerllcity Online Website Reviews

Please read this article to address your question Is Sneakerllcity Legit about an online store that deals with footwear and sports garments of a popular brand.

Do you love wearing branded footwear? Are you looking forward to adding a few fashionable sneakers to your existing collection? Do you believe that branded items are more comfortable and durable? Then, you must read this write-up to know the required information.

In this article, we have covered facts about an online portal dealing with a particular brand. Shoppers from numerous nations, such as the United States, want to confirm its legitimacy. Thus, please continue reading to address your question Is Sneakerllcity Legit.

Is Sneakerllcity Reliable?

We have researched some facts to answer your queries about this website’s authenticity. Please read these particulars to be well informed before exploring this site.

  • Website Age – The portal is five months old. The developers established it on 27 September 2021.
  • Portal Trust Score – 2%, which can be grouped under a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Rank in Alexa – 3,517,232, which is a substandard grading. This website could not gain much attention from shoppers despite existing for approximately half a year.
  • Reviews of Customers – No section is available on the platform where buyers can write the Sneakerllcity Reviews
  • Social Media Connections – No social media linking is available on this shopping portal.
  • The Authenticity of Contact Details – There are two physical addresses mentioned on this website that seem suspicious. The Singapore address belongs to an accounting company, and the Vietnam address corresponds to other wary footwear platforms. The contact number also raises similar concerns about this website’s genuineness. 
  • Content Originality – The designers may have copied the FAQs from another website as it mentions quilts and bedding, which are not this website’s genre.

The facts mentioned above suggest this website may be dubious. However, we cannot proclaim Is Sneakerllcity Legit as it is newly launched.

What is Sneakerllcity?

Sneakerllcity is an online e-commerce store that deals with Nike items. The sneakers are of Air Jordan, a sub-brand of Nike, whereas other products like t-shirts, pants, and socks correspond to Nike. 


  • Website Type – An online store that sells fashion items of Nike and Air Jordan.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Addresses – 140, Paya Lebar Rd. No. 10-09, AZ, Singapore (409015); 37/2/6, 12th St., Quarter-3, Binh An Ward, 2nd District, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000, Vietnam
  • Telephone Number – (+1)205-286-3657 
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Sorting Option – Available
  • Filter By – Absent
  • Social Media Links – Unavailable (This is a crucial fact concerning Is Sneakerllcity Legit).
  • Shipment Policy – Standard shipping takes seven to fifteen working days within the United States. For other nations, it is ten to twenty working days. Free shipping is available for orders above $200.
  • Return and Repayments Information – Buyers can send back the products in less than seven days of receipt. The company will refund the payment within seven working days.
  • Payment Methods – Credit and debit cards of American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal.
  • Price of Products –USD, which users can change to CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, or JPY.
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy – Mentioned


  • The terms and conditions are legally exhaustive.
  • The website has a good collection of footwear.

Cons Concerning Is Sneakerllcity Legit

  • The contact number given on this website belongs to other portals selling similar items. Moreover, one of the contact addresses corresponds to a financial firm.
  • The website lacks social media linking, making it difficult to trust, especially in today’s times.
  • The first two questions in the FAQs section are related to bedding, which this website does not sell. Thus, it is evident that the developers have copied the wordings from another source. Consequently, it makes the authenticity of this website’s content wary. 
  • The designers have not provided the filtering option on this platform. 

Sneakerllcity Reviews

We could not find any conversation in Quora or Reddit where users have mentioned this website. Thus, it seems that buyers could not rely on this platform yet on account of its recency. Furthermore, the team has not provided any feedback segment on the website. 

Therefore, we could not find from the portal about the buyers’ opinions. Thus, we request shoppers know how to Get Your Money-Back From PayPal scammers while dealing with new platforms.


Due to the absence of reviews and essential features, this website may be suspicious. Yet, we cannot state Is Sneakerllcity Legit. Therefore, we suggest you read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scam to be safe. Also, you may like to read about sneakers and their origin

What do you think about this website’s genuineness? Please share below.

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