Is Sofausshop com Legit {May 2022} Read Genuine Reviews!

Please read this article to address your query, Is Sofausshop com Legit regarding a recently launched e-commerce store that provides patio furniture sets.

Have you recently shifted to a new home? Do you want to set your interiors with the best-quality furniture? Are you looking for durable and assured sectionals for managing the space? Then, please read further to learn about a related platform. 

We have discussed the genuineness of a newfangled online platform in this account. Customers from many nations, like Canada, are interested in gaining complete knowledge about this website. Hence, please read till the end to answer your question Is Sofausshop com Legit.

Is Sofausshop com Authentic?

Please read the below particulars to be sure about this portal’s legitimacy. We researched these facts thoroughly over the Net and jotted them here for a better insight into this website.

  • Age of Platform – This website’s age is only five days. The designers launched it on 18 May 2022. 
  • Portal Trust Score – 27%, which is a Bad Trust Score.
  • Connection to Social Media – All the social media icons present on the home page are deceitful. These do not open any accounts and instead open the page the user last viewed. 
  • Reviews of Customers – There is no reviewing segment to share the Sofausshop com Reviews available on this platform. As a result, customers cannot share feedback regarding their orders and purchases.
  • The Originality of Contact Details – The physical address pertains to a warehouse, according to the Web. However, there is no telephone number specified on the website. Also, the e-mail address seems to belong to another organization. 
  • Landing Page – The home page contains the name and images of a wholesale company. We are unsure if the website is tied up with this organization.  

It is apparent from the above details that this platform may be dubious. Notwithstanding, it is too early to comment Is Sofausshop com Legit

What is Sofausshop?

Sofausshop is a digital portal selling various kinds of furniture. These include sofa sets for dining, bistro, sectionals, etc. The products are focused on their placement on patios, and the images suggest the same.


  • Type of Platform – A digital e-commerce store that offers patio furniture like dining sofa sets, sectionals, etc. 
  • Address of Platform –
  • Contact Number – Not given.
  • Contact Address – 13110, Louden Lane, City of Industry, CA-9174
  • Electronic Mail Address – [email protected] This address’s domain does not match the website’s address. Thus, it reaffirms your doubt Is Sofausshop com Legit.
  • Filtering and Sorting Techniques – Absent
  • Price of Products – Provided in USD.
  • Payment Methods – Credit and debit cards of Discover, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, etc. 
  • Shipping Details – Standard shipment time is generally three to five days. The developers have not given any information about the shipment charges on the Policy page.
  • Social Media Links – Absent
  • Refund and Return Information – Shoppers can apply for returns within fourteen days of the item’s receipt. The exact number of days to refund the money is not mentioned. 
  • Terms and Conditions – Mentioned
  • Privacy Policy – Available


  • The team has elaborately mentioned the shipping timelines for various zones.
  • The sofa sets have elegant and colorful designs.

Cons Concerning Is Sofausshop com Legit

  • There are no social media linking on this website, which is a notable drawback in this era. Furthermore, the icons present are disingenuous. 
  • The team has not mentioned the shipping charges under the policy wording. Thus, one has to add an item to the cart and check out to learn these details.
  • The home page mentions the website is providing clearance discounts due to the overstock of unclaimed goods. However, the discount rates are too high to be true. 
  • No telephone number is present on this website. Also, the e-mail address has the domain of some other website.

Sofausshop com Reviews

This website is only a few days in age, and thus, it is understandable why we did not find any feedback about it on any trusted reviewing sources. Also, the team has not included any section to review the products. Thus, customers will be unable to know about others’ opinions through the subject website. Thus, we suggest you know how to Get Your Money Back from Paypal if scammed.

The Final Verdict

As per our researched details, this website looks wary and not worth trusting currently. Nevertheless, it is too early to comment Is Sofausshop com Legit. Hence, please go through the Methods To Get Money Back on credit card for cautiousness. Moreover, you may like to know how to arrange patio furniture   perfectly.

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