Is Soffley Legit {June 2022} The Complete Real Reviews!

Soffley Online Website Reviews

Please read this write-up to confirm Is Soffley Legit concerning a recently launched online store offering furniture, kitchen appliances, pool accessories, etc.

Are you interested in easing your kitchen time using cutting-edge appliances? Would you like to purchase mini coolers to chill out this summer? Do you want to buy some space-saving furniture? Then, please go through this write-up to find the required information. 

Today’s composition has covered details about a newfangled online store selling useful products. Customers from numerous nations, like the United States, are willing to gain information about this website. Therefore, please read till the end to confirm Is Soffley Legit.

Is Soffley Genuine?

Please peruse the details below to ensure the subject store’s authenticity. The website may look catchy, but learning these details is essential before browsing it.

  • Age of Platform – This portal’s oldness is five months and three weeks. The launch date of this virtual store is 7 January 2022.
  • Platform Trust Score – 1%, a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Connections to Social Media – No social media icons are present on the website’s landing page.
  • Feedback of Customers – Due to the absenteeism of a feedback segment, customers cannot share their Soffley Reviews on this platform.
  • The Wariness of Contact Address – The team’s contact address appears to be a three-bedroomed home location. 
  • Spelling Mistake – The team has spelled “hurry” as “herry” on the product explanation page. Spelling errors are generally a huge drawback to the legitimacy of any website.
  • Unoriginal Content – We saw the name of another shopping platform on the payment policy of this website. Therefore, we suspect the owners have copied the wording from there.

These details suggest that this platform may be dubious. Yet, it is not easy to declare Is Soffley Legit due to its recentness.

What is Soffley?

Soffley is a virtual shopping portal offering pool accessories, furniture for patios and rooms, storage organizers, home décor items, and kitchen tools. The kitchen appliances include coffee makers, automatic spice grinders, smoothie blenders, faucet handle drip catchers, etc. 


  • Type of Platform – A virtual commerce store selling pool accessories, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. 
  • Address of Portal –
  • Physical Address – 1373, Jason Drive, Marysville, CA-95901, United States.
  • Telephone Number – (+1) 202-970-8041
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Links to Social Media – Not provided. All genuine sites are present on social media in today’s times. Hence, its absence marks the wariness of this store and reaffirms Is Soffley Legit.
  • Terms of Service – Mentioned
  • Privacy Policy – Provided
  • Product Price – Stated in US Dollars.
  • Shipment Details – The standard shipment timeline is three to four weekdays. Shipping is free of cost for all orders.
  • Policy of Refunds and Returns – This platform’s return policy is of thirty days from receipt. Shoppers shall get their refunds within five to seven working days.
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Apple Pay, debit and credit cards of MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express, etc. 
  • Sorting Method – Present
  • Filtering Option – Not provided.


  • The items in this store, especially the kitchen appliances, are very beneficial.
  • The designers have stated all technical features on the product pages.

Cons Apropos Is Soffley Legit

  • The filtering method is lacking on this website, so customers may find it challenging to select their desired products.
  • The absence of social media connection makes this website suspicious.
  • The name of a different shopping store on this site’s payment policy page increases the queries around its legitimacy and content originality.
  • The physical address on this platform is that of residential accommodation. 
  • The designers have wrongly spelled “hurry” as “herry”, denoting poor design. 
  • The subject website has crossed only a few months, not enough to gain the trust of buyers.

Soffley Reviews

Members of conspicuous reviewing forums have not included this website in their discussions. Hence, we can understand that shoppers have not yet developed trust for this portal. The wariness owes to not only the website’s recency but also its dubious facets. In addition, no segment for posting the customer reviews is present on the online store. Therefore, it is wise to go through the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal to be well informed.


Our thorough scrutiny indicates this website is suspicious. Notwithstanding, it is not easy to declare Is Soffley Legit owing to this store’s freshness. Thus, we advise you to read How to Get a Refund on credit card, if scammed. Additionally, you may wish to read about some useful kitchen appliances.

Do you want to explore this website? Why or why not? Please share with us below.

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