Is Spriteliving com Legit {May 2022} The Entire Review!

Spriteliving com Online Website Reviews

is Spriteliving com Legit? The e-shop has come with health care products with a good deal. However, is this shop safe to browse? Read to figure out the matter.

Did you go through a reliable webshop for health care products? Yes, we know that finding it is not easy. Nowadays, the rate of con activity has been increasing regularly. Therefore, using a new shop providing online services can be dangerous. And when it comes to health care products, you should check more rigorously. 

Today, we’ll describe Spriteliving com, which is demanding to sell body sculpting health care products in the United States. However, Is Spriteliving com Legit? Read further to know the site’s authenticity.

Analyzing the Spriteliving com shop’s security:

Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that only reviews are enough to get an idea of whether the site’s service is reliable or not. However, this formula is right but only for the leading old websites, not for the new sites. To check a new site’s legitimacy, you need to check more, and those are-

  • Address Authenticity: The address is on the map, but the shop’s head office is missing.
  • Feedback of Consumers: Availability of Spriteliving com Reviews.
  • Domain Name:
  • Social Links: The links are unavailable.
  • Trust Index: Very bad, only ‘One Percent’ score.
  • Domain Registration Date: The site’s registration is done this year, and the date is 21st January 2022.
  • Plagiarism: 36% duplicate data and 25% common data.
  • Skipped Pages: Availability of 99 skipped pages.
  • Broken Links: It’s unavailable.
  • Operator Details: The operating company name is Spriteliving Limited.
  • Missing Information: Corporate number and cancellation process.
  • Payment Information: Different.
  • Therefore, it’s been revealed that this e-store is new and contains no good value in the market.

What is the Spriteliving com shop?

We’ve gone through the entire site to answer your query regarding ‘Is Spriteliving com Legit?’ or not. As said in the early segment, this e-store sells health care products, but along with this, viewers can also buy Skincare products, Footcare products, Vein care products, and body sculpting products in the United States

Some of its product collection has been displayed on the ‘landing Page’; however, the vast catalog is available in the respective departments. In the catalog department, you can see a ‘Filter’ option to sort out the product you’re looking for. Every product has been described properly with features and available details; plus, you get a huge off in the actual product price on bulk buying.

Considering Spriteliving com Reviews, what are the specifications?

  • URL:
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Consumers’ Remarks: Yes, several remarks are visible on the site.
  • Address Details: 1st-Floor, No.-17, Shangpingyang, Qunyi-Village, Niansanli St., Yiwu-City, Zhejiang.
  • Corporate Number: The number is not obtainable.
  • Shipping Policy: The shipment generally arrives within 10 to 20 days.
  • Cancellation Process: The process details are not visible. So it’s not sure whether this policy is available or not.
  • Shipping Charges: There is a flat charge for every buyer. According to the details, you have to pay a 5.99 USD charge.
  • Is Spriteliving com Legit: Not known yet.
  • Return Policy: The company doesn’t provide a return facility.
  • Refund Policy: No refund policy is available, as the owner doesn’t offer this facility.
  • Exchange Policy: No replacement is done after the shipment is completed.
  • Payment Details: Credit card, PayPal.


  • Multiple health care and skin care products are available.
  • Discounts on bulk buying.
  • Different paying processes.
  • Availability of reviews.


  • Unavailability of social links.
  • Poor trust score.
  • The corporate number is unavailable.
  • The cancellation policy is missing.
  • Their content possesses plagiarism.
  • Presence of skipped pages.

Consumers’ thoughts against ‘Is Spriteliving com Legit’:

There are some reviews available on the site, where people have commented that their healthcare items have worked excellently and satisfactorily, and the service, like client support and delivery service, is pretty impressive. People have posted photos of ‘Before and After’ like before taking their product and the change after consuming their medicines. The reviewer’s name and date are also available.

However, social connection is absent, and no reviews are on weblogs, so there is no process to verify those reviews. Also, read the process to get refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is Spriteliving com Legit? Well, the site’s reviews are good, but the trust score is poor; no social links, no reviews on search engines, presence of plagiarism, etc., raising a question. So, people need to analyze the shop again. Plus, check the method of claiming a refund on credit cards. Is the writing insightful? Please mention it in the feedback section.\

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