Is Stanbetsy Legit (March) Check Website Reviews Here!

Stanbetsy Online Wesbsite Reviews

Is Stanbetsy Legit? Read the below blog and find the authentic details about the site to judge it properly. Additionally, check the policy details of this shop.

Getting household tools at an affordable price may be challenging as generally, these tools are retailed at a high price. But, a web store comes with a great deal regarding household tools for everyone in the United States

Stanbetsy, this webshop brings different categories of daily required tools at a tempting giveaway, making the site one of the hot topics for shoppers. But, to take precautions previously, you first analyze the trustability of the service and reviews.

So, before heading to anything, let’s find out whether ‘Is Stanbetsy Legit‘ or not-

Stanbetsy’s legitimacy- Analysis and result:

Here, we have noted the actual result, which our fellow expert team has analyzed. This information is completely unbiased, stating the fact determined by the premium checker.

  • Location Verification: The location data is not mentioned. Even in whois data, the information is restricted.
  • Store’s Registration Date: The date is 19th April 2021. Therefore, its age is almost 1 year.
  • Domain ID: The webshop ID is
  • Trust-Point: The result declares the score which is not satisfactory. This whole time, the site received only 5 points out of 100.
  • Consumer’s Feedback: Stanbetsy Reviews are missing.
  • Missing Details: Number, address, and cancellation policy.
  • Community Profile: No logos and similar details are available.
  • Skipped Pages: 413 pages have been discovered as ‘Skipped Pages.’
  • Authority Holded By: It is holded by
  • Broken Links: Not visible.
  • Payout Systems: Several systems.
  • Piracy Content: 52% is the piracy data, and 20% is the common record. Therefore, only 28% is the original and unique data.

Hence, the result is not satisfactory as the above record declares its low market goodwill and popularity.

What is the Stanbetsy shop?

It’s an e-commerce based shop, which only operates online, recently got attention in Canada. But, Is Stanbetsy Legit? The store sells household tools at a great rebate, where anyone can purchase with 50-80%. But, it’s not the point you should try the site; you must check every detail minutely to verify its legitimacy. We checked the shop and found although the landing page is designed professionally, its policy tab is not designed properly. The contact is scattered and not aligned, which denotes poor professionalism. The products are available on the landing page as well as the ‘Best Tool’ tab. Each product has a lengthy description with the necessary information.


  • Comments from the Users: The Stanbetsy Reviews are not visible.
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Site’s URL:
  • Mobile Number: Not available. Even no chatting or direct messaging tab is available.
  • Located At: The address is hidden for privacy.
  • Cancellation Process: Not available.
  • Shipping Process: The shipping is done with a 4PX delivery partner, and it may take a few weeks (3 to 4 weeks), including the processing time.
  • Changes Details: The site demands to charge ‘Zero’ for shipping. Additionally, international shipping is also free.
  • Return Procedure: A 2-week time is provided for domestic and foreign buyers to request a return.
  • Is Stanbetsy Legit: The site’s legitimacy is poor.
  • Exchange Option: Valid for only damaged items.
  • Refund Option: Available. You can get money within a few days.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, PayPal, Master Card.


  • The shop has different varieties of household tools.
  • A great deal on every product.
  • It offers free shipping regardless of buyers’ location and country.
  • TTPS connection.
  • Several Paying processes.


  • Poorly designed site.
  • The trust index is poor.
  • No details about customs and other necessary data.
  • Reviews are missing.
  • No connection with social networks.
  • Address details are restricted to check.
  • High plagiarized data.

What do users’ opinion about ‘Is Stanbetsy Legit’?

The site’s been serving for almost one year; still, it did not receive users feedback. We checked each and every webpage but unfortunately found no comments on the site. Additionally, there is no existence of reviews on external websites. 

Also, the site doesn’t have social media– specifying low professionalism. So, considering the information, it’s better to try other reputable sites than this shop. Also, read the new process to receive refunds on PayPal & stay safe from online fraud. 

Final Verdict:

In the end, it’s visible that the shop didn’t achieve authority in the market. So, Is Stanbetsy Legit? No, we found the site is quite fishy due to non-existence on the community network, no reviews, hidden location details, poor trust-point, etc. Additionally, check out the methods by which you can claim and receive money back on credit cards. What’s your opinion about this article? Please give us a review in the comment section. 

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