Is Sulmall Legit {July 2022} The Complete Reviews!

Sulmall Online Website Reviews

Please peruse this composition to clarify your doubts about Is Sulmall Legit regarding a newly set up e-commerce platform selling footwear, clothing, etc.

Do you prefer wearing no-show socks? Are you planning to buy a durable pair of sneakers? Has your doctor prescribed you to wear orthotic shoes, and are you searching the Web for them? If yes, please read this composition to get the necessary information. 

Today’s article has mentioned facts concerning a recently established online shop. Customers from various nations, including the United States, want to solve their doubts about its authenticity. Hence, please read till the end to clear your query Is Sulmall Legit.

Is Sulmall Authentic?

Please go through this segment, where we have collected particulars regarding the credibility of this online store. 

  • The Oldness of Platform – This website’s oldness is only three weeks. The owners set it up on 14 June 2022.
  • Trust Index of Portal – 1%, which is a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Link to Social Media – The Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook icons open the visitors’ logged-in accounts, not any social media profile of this store. 
  • Feedback of Customers – In the absence of any feedback section, there is no opportunity to mention any Sulmall Reviews
  • The Trustworthiness of Contact Information – We are unsure if the physical address belongs to this website as it corresponds to a shopping complex. Furthermore, no telephone number is provided, and the e-mail id is not specific to this website.
  • Incomplete Refund and Return Policy – The time in which shoppers can send back the items or receive the refunds is unavailable on this platform. 
  • Missing Content – The Terms of Service and Payment Policy are absent.
  • Uncategorized Products – The developers have put all items under Best Sellers and New Arrivals without any categorization.

Based on our researched information, there are doubts on the legitimacy of this website. Yet, judging Is Sulmall Legit may not be correct presently, for this portal is recent.

What is Sulmall?

Sulmall is an online shop where customers can buy footwear like sneakers, orthotic slippers, etc. The store also has a clothing collection, such as t-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, no-show socks, etc. Perhaps there are more niches that were untraceable due to uncategorized items.


  • Type of Site – A virtual shop dealing with footwear and clothing.
  • Address of Website –
  • Telephone Number – Not given
  • Physical Address – Delaware Square Shopping Complex, Ohio-43015, United States
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Connection to Social Media – Deceptive. This point is a critical consideration on your inquiry Is Sulmall Legit.
  • Terms of Service – Not stated.
  • Filter By and Sort By – Not provided.
  • Privacy Policy – Given
  • Product Price – Provided in USD.
  • Payment Options – PayPal
  • Shipment Policy – Shipping usually occurs between seven and nine days. Shipment is free for orders greater than $35. 
  • Details for Returns and Refunds – The team has not mentioned the return or refund policy it abides by.


  • The website sells orthotic footwear, which many shoppers may prefer for medical reasons.
  • Many colors are available for the clothes.
  • The team has mentioned all significant product specifications.

Cons Portraying Is Sulmall Legit

  • Several crucial segments are missing from this website. These comprise the Terms of Service, payment policy, refunding timeline, and returning regulations.
  • Firstly, the products are uncategorized and adding to the difficulty in browsing, there are no filtering or sorting options. 
  • The only payment option on the checkout page is PayPal. Customers who like to pay via debit or credit cards may not find this point likable.
  • Trusting this portal is challenging for its recency.
  • The developers have falsely provided the social media badges as these open the visitor’s accounts, not the platform’s.

Sulmall Reviews

Though one user in a conspicuous feedback forum has inquired about this website, no member has posted any reply yet. It seems shoppers are uncomfortable purchasing items from this site for its dubious attributes, recency, and the absenteeism of social media connection. Additionally, the reviewing section’s lack makes this platform warier. Therefore, if you plan to explore this site, we suggest you wait for more customer feedback for more surety. Moreover, it is better to read how to Get Your Money-Back from PayPal scammers to be protected.


Our investigation points to this platform’s suspiciousness. Nevertheless, stating Is Sulmall Legit may be untimely at present for this store’s recentness. Hence, please peruse How to Get a Refund on credit card, if scammed digitally. You can also read about the benefits of orthopedic shoes.

What are your opinions about this store? Please write in the comments section below.

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