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Thatlilshop Online Webiste Reviews

Please go through this write-up to address your queries about Is Thatlilshop Legit, concerning a digital shopping store selling unique slides and shorts.

Do you want to wear uniquely designed slides? Have you recently heard of a website selling color-changing shorts according to water temperature? Then, please read this write-up to gain knowledge about these items. 

Today’s composition has discussed the reliability and other details of an online shopping store. Customers from various countries, especially the United States, want to confirm if this website is safe to shop from. Therefore, please peruse till the end to address your doubts about Is Thatlilshop Legit.

Is Thatlilshop Genuine?

You may be waiting eagerly to shop for this website’s unique collection. Notwithstanding, it will be helpful to learn the below details before surfing to confirm its reliability. 

  • Platform Oldness – The age of this portal is one year, nine months, and eight days. The establishment date of this online portal is 13 September 2020.
  • Trust Score of Portal – 17%, which is a Bad Trust Score.
  • Connections to Social Media – There is no linking on this website to social media platforms. 
  • Reviews of Customers – Customers have written positive Thatlilshop Reviews, and all have five-star ratings. As there are no critical reviews, we are unsure if these are genuine.
  • Unavailability of Contact Details – Apart from the electronic mail id, there are no other options to get in touch with the team. 
  • Contradictory Content – The team has mentioned the free shipping threshold as $30 in the FAQs, $50 in the Shipping Policy, and $45 on the home page.
  • Incomplete Policy – The developers are yet to complete the Return and Refunds, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service pages. 

The dubious aspects of this website raise concerns regarding its authenticity. Yet, it is difficult to judge Is Thatlilshop Legit, and we recommend users scrutinize more reviews before exploring this store.

What is Thatlilshop?

Thatlilshop is a virtual shopping platform selling uniquely designed slides and temperature-sensitive color-changing shorts. The slides’ designs include sharks, dinosaurs, bubbles, etc. In addition, the platform also offers socks matching the slides.


  • Platform Type – A virtual shopping portal offer slides with unique designs and color-changing shorts. 
  • Address of Website –
  • Contact Address and Phone Number – Unavailable
  • Electronic Mail Id – [email protected]
  • Connection to Social Media – Absent
  • Terms and Conditions – Mentioned but incomplete. (The designers have not completed this page, raising your doubts about Is Thatlilshop Legit).
  • Sorting and Filtering Methods – Absent
  • Shipping Information – Delivery usually takes ten to twenty-three working days. Shipping charges are $6.99 below the order threshold value, mentioned differently on different pages. 
  • Policies Concerning Refund and Return – Shoppers have thirty days from receipt to send the products back. The refund to the payment source shall occur in ten working days. 
  • Privacy Policy – Stated but incomplete.
  • Payment Options – Debit and credit cards of MasterCard, Amex, Visa, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. 
  • Price of Items – Stated in USD.


  • The slides’ designs are unique and comical, which kids will love to wear.
  • The designers have provided an informative size chart.

Cons Apropos Is Thatlilshop Legit

  • The various free shipping thresholds on different pages cause confusion about the correct information.
  • The owner’s contact address and telephone number are absent from the store.
  • The designers have not included the social media linking.
  • The developers have not completed some policy pages, which still contain words like Subtract, Insert, etc. Even after completing a year, such occurrence marks poor and irresponsible web design. 
  • There is no copyright badge on the website.
  • Although socks are available in this store, these items are not present in any category.
  • All reviews are five-starred, thus generating doubts about their genuineness.

Thatlilshop Reviews

We assumed this website might have some reference on conspicuous reviewing portals, but no such feedback is present. Thus, it seems shoppers have not purchased any products from this store because it has some suspicious facets. However, the store contains five-starred and positive customer reviews. Nevertheless, it is not easy to count on these comments as they seem made up. Hence, please read how to Get a Refund on Paypal if scammed on the discussed platform.


Although this website has completed a year, it has a bad trust score and suspicious features. Hence, we feel it is unreliable. Yet, we are unsure about Is Thatlilshop Legit and suggest readers scrutinize further. Moreover, please know the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card for security. You can also read about color-changing clothes according to temperature.

Do you find this website authentic? Please write below.

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