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Thelanestyle Online website Reviews

This post on Is Thelanestyle Legit informs our readers about the site’s genuineness and how to prevent scams from happening. Read more and explore.

Do you want to purchase online women’s clothes? Don’t worry; we have a store for you. You will find different clothes in this store. The store is getting famous in the United States, and they want to know more about it. It’s wise to inquire so folks can safeguard themselves from numerous scams. Since Thelanestyle is an online retailer, it is essential to research the company before making a purchase. You might wonder things like: Is Thelanestyle Legit?

Is Thelanestyle a genuine store

People increasingly prefer to purchase online, which is why many online retailers open their doors daily. Some are true, while others were made to fool others to make money.

People rely increasingly on online purchasing due to time restrictions and the busy market. Online shopping offers several amenities and offers. However, buyers must pay attention to a few fundamentals before purchasing from a new online retailer. In this blog, we’ll go over a few things you should keep in mind. Below are some things that you need to know regarding Thelanestyle Reviews.

  • Registrar: the registrar of the website is, LLC.
  • Registration date: the website was established on 2022-01-12
  • Models image: A half-faced model indicates they did not hire them for the job.
  • Website’s Trust Score: the trust score is just 8 percent.
  • Alexa rank: the rank of the website is 3700469.
  • Owner details: The website contains no information about the owner.
  • Safety: The website complies with the HTTPS security standard.
  • Customer Testimonials: The reviews are not available on the internet. Each product has an available portion.

Brief as per Is Thelanestyle Legit

Thelanestyle is an online store that offers a variety of accessories and clothing for women. According to it’s about us section, it is a global B2C online fashion retailer that they claimed was created in 2018. Although they provide shoes, handbags, and other fashion items, their primary area of focus is on women’s clothing.

However, after carefully reviewing the Thelanestyle website, we discovered that all of its claims are false and unfounded. For instance, despite the domain’s young age of barely two months, they said they were founded in 2018. Read below features Is Thelanestyle Legit.

Features of the website

You can purchase clothes from

  • Email address: you can ask more about the orders through their mail at [email protected]
  • Address: there is no store address on the website.
  • Website owner: If the business owner presents their complete information, they are excellent. This site missed to mention it, hence suggests that they are trying to hide something, which raises some suspicion.
  • Pages on social media: For any e-commerce company, social media is the most prominent advertising tool. But the creator of the temporary website does not wish to put in as much effort. 
  • Phone number: Contact information is not listed on the website. Now you know Is Thelanestyle Legit.
  • Payment method: Payment options include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Electron from many countries worldwide.
  • Processing policy– The time it takes for them to execute your purchase is typically 10 to 12 business days. 
  • Delivery: A shipment typically arrives in 9 to 15 business days. 
  • Refund policy: You have 20 days to consider whether or not a product is suitable for you.

Grab more details below to know its legitimacy

Positive highlights 

  • The products in the Shop section are stylish.
  • The images are clear and of a high calibre.

Negative highlights

  • The identity of the website’s proprietor is kept private.
  • It appears tacky and abruptly designed.

Thelanestyle Reviews

The absent of reviews aids to understand that the site fail to be genuine to their cleints. Many people are targeted by this type of website, just like many other social media users. If an internet website is not accessible via social media in the age of social media, it indicates that the company is not committed to its mission. You can read more about PayPal scams

We do not endorse Thelanestyle owing to the numerous glaring issues that we have noticed on it. Please avoid using this website for shopping. You can read more about Credit Card scams


Wrapping up on this Is Thelanestyle Legit, it is challenging to get the money back once it has been taken. Therefore, the best defence against fraud is to become aware of them. A Thelanestyle website seemed trustworthy and genuine to many. However, we suggest you to evaluate it before employing it. Also, check for hackers operating behind the organization. Read here to learn more about how to style dresses and different types.

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