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This article is exclusively written down for you to get an ultimate answer of Is Tomeev Legit or not.  

While doing online shopping, have you ever wondered why there are no online stores for tools? If so, you’re wrong, as there’s a well-established website in the United States that can prove you incorrect. It is time that is widely retailing with all sorts of tools. 

Tomei is a new web page. It deals with hand tools, garden appliances, electronics suppliers, and drop shippers. It can be a reliever for everyone as the devices are always in need in households. But, Is Tomeev Legit? Let’s check the details below-

Is Tomeev Truthful? 

  • Formation Date- The website is just a few weeks old. It was established recently on 23rd June 2022.
  • Date of Invalidity- It will expire on the same date of next year, on 23rd June 2023.
  • Trust Index- The trust index is extremely poor, with only 1.
  • Trust Score- Trust score is also terrible, and that is only one. 
  • Popularity- The popularity of this website is relatively low because it doesn’t have many visitors. 
  • Connections- The webpage has genuine relationships like an SSL certificate and HTTPS rapport. 
  • Tomeev ReviewsNo reviews available
  • Contact Details- Partial contact details are given on the website. 
  • Owner’s Information- The owner’s information is intentionally hidden on WHOIS. 
  • Website Speed- The website has a slow speed.

What’s the Motive of Tomeev? 

Tomei is a lately formulated online store whose slogan is super quality, satisfactory service. Their specialities are in the garden and home tools like screwdrivers, toolboxes, socket wrenches, etc. Their products are made of pure stainless steel and an excellent wooden grip. 

In their about us section, it is also mentioned that they also deal in electronics and drop shippers. We still need to check whether Is Tomeev Legit or not. Tools are primarily used to put things together or to take them apart. Whatever your aim of you, Tomeev can be a helping hand with your chores. 


  • Website-
  • Contact Number- Not given specifically
  • Email ID- [email protected]
  • Availability- Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Shipping Policy- Orders will ship within 1-3 days for small orders and 2-4 days for large quantities. 
  • Shipping Cost- It depends upon the destination and the quantity of the goods. 
  • Shipping Methods- DHL, FedEx, and UPS. But, Is Tomeev Legit or not? Let’s check below. 
  • Return Policy- Applicable within 14 days
  • Refund Policy- A refund facility is available 
  • Cancellation Policy- Available before shipping 
  • Order Tracking Facility- Available 
  • Payment Options- Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover 
  • Social Media Handles- Not found

Advantages of Tomeev to Understand the Legitimacy-

  • This website has excellent and genuine connections available. 
  • As per the DNS filter, this website is safe to use online store 
  • Most of the facilities and policies offered by the website are flexible enough to suit the needs of consumers. 

Disadvantages to Identify Whether Is Tomeev Legit or Scam-

  • The website is just a few weeks old with a short-term span. 
  • This web page doesn’t have an excellent trust score and trust index. 
  • It has poor popularity with poor speed as well. 
  • Much information is hidden both from the official site and other websites also. 
  • Shipping isn’t free and convenient for the customers. 
  • Their payment options are minimal as there is no cash on delivery and the PayPal option is available. 
  • Unfortunately, the website isn’t connected with any social media platform to give the latest updates to buyers. 

What Do the Tomeev Reviews Say? 

There’s a problematic situation with this website that the consumer reviews cannot indicate anything because they’re absent. There’s not even a single consumer journal available related to this website. So maybe because of the newness of this website, this scenario evolved to be here. 

Every platform is asking us to comment as the first reviewer and buyer. We believe this website needs good traffic and a good number of buyers. Then we can expect some reviews from the side of customers. Besides, click here to understand the terms of using the PayPal method to avoid scams


Is Tomeev Legit or a Scam? Let us give you an honest opinion that it’s unfair to check the legitimacy of a few weeks-old websites. We must give it a time of at least six months. After that, we can conclude its legitimacy. Until then, we would ask you to avoid this website and hope for its better future. 

Moreover, click here to get the same items from a trustworthy website. What are your views on upcoming websites? Please comment. Furthermore, click here to learn how to block Credit Card scam calls. 

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