Is Uaoac com Legit (March 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Uaoac com Online Website Reviews
Is Uaoac com Legit? Please read the article written below to fetch out the fact as well as you can also grab knowledge about its service details and policies.

Are you searching for wide-ranging varieties in furniture, appliances, and other electronic products? If so, then you find online stores are better than physical stores, as you can browse enormous collections and even compare between the stores to purchase your requirements cost-effectively.

When it comes to house appliances and electronic gadget stores, Uaoac com is one of the sites that pop up in the search item. As a result, the store has been grabbing the market in the United States recently.

But, Is Uaoac com Legit? Check it below.

Checking the authenticity of Uaoac com:

Authenticity is one of the metrics that need to be analyzed in the first place when you use any new portal. Here, we have provided some crucial details of this site that you must read before buying.

  • Address Authenticity: The address is a corporate area, but it lacks this shop detail.
  • Domain Name: The official ID is UAOAC.COM.
  • Domain Recording Date: The date is 5th May 2021. Considering the shop’s date isn’t new, its age is around nine months.
  • Social Profiles: No source links are detected.
  • Trust Index Points: It’s awful, only 1 percent.
  • Reviews: Uaoac com Reviews are present.
  • Missing Data: Contact number.
  • Piracy Data: 51 percent piracy data and 29 percent common data.
  • Skipped Pages: Only four pages are present.
  • Operation Managed By: The owner and company name are hidden.
  • Broken Links: Around 690 sources are found which are non-clickable.
  • Payment Ways: Several paying processes are available for all the shoppers.

As data specifies, the shop’s presence is not new in the e-com market. But, its market authority is very poor. So, let’s check more deeply to find out the answer.

What is the Uaoac com site?

This site is present on e-commerce market panels, selling appliances, furniture, electronic gadgets, and more. But, Is Uaoac com Legit? To find out the fact we have gone through the shop and observed- its product collections are displayed in different categories such as- Sports and Outdoor Products, Appliances, Electronic products, Furniture, Toy and Games. Again, these main categories are subdivided into different sections to make the navigation system handy.

The site’s layout is sophisticated and impressive; however, it runs on an unprotected version. It means the site runs on without an HTTPS version, meaning data security is poor. Again coming to the products, the description is very short, like one line details without any specification and necessary details.


  • Comments: Uaoac com Reviews are available.
  • Links:
  • Location Details: 1121, Old Town-Ln, Suite-32, Cheyenne, WY-82009, United States.
  • Mobile Number: No registered number is given.
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Transportation Details: Following the details, you get your ordered product within 1 to 3 days. However, delivery in foreign countries can take more days than a few weeks.
  • Cancellation Details: 
  • Shipping Charges: You can get the charge information when finalizing the purchase.
  • Return Process Details: You can return the product; however, the duration is unknown.
  • Refund System: The system is active, but no time frame is mentioned.
  • Is Uaoac com Legit: No, it appears as a suspicious site.
  • Exchange Option: The availability of this option is unknown.
  • Payment Means: Amex, G Pay, PayPal, Master Card, etc.


  • The site has a variety of products in different categories.
  • International shipping is valid.
  • Several ways for the paying process.


  • The site doesn’t have an SSL certificate.
  • The reviews are absent.
  • Social profiles are absent.
  • High plagiarism is detected.
  • The address does not have its corporate address.
  • The site has been active for several months, but it’s still not popular.
  • The contact number is missing.
  • Some policies are unclear.

Consumers’ remarks on ‘Is Uaoac com Legit’:

We found some ratings on its products pages; however, those ratings do not include any comments. Plus, all the ratings are 5 stars. So, it is quite a suspicious fact- all the positive ratings, but do not have any comments.

Plus, we verified it, we found no remarks on any channel, like social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) or other feedback platforms (like TrustPilot). So, the site seems very suspicious and not worthy of use. Additionally, check the process to get refunds on credit cards to stay safe from scam.

Final Verdict: 

Is Uaoac com Legit? The site is not legit as it has several suspicious facts like no social media connection, reviews, low trust score, high plagiarism. So, it’s better to ignore this shop. Also, read the methods to get money back on PayPal. Is the record insightful? Please mention this in the comment box.

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