Is Umbwh com Legit (Feb) Read Authentic Website Reviews!

Umbwh Online Website Reviews

Is Umbwh com Legit? Read the informative article below and know the site’s service details, product details, policies, legitimacy, benefits, cons, and much more. 

Are you thinking of buying kitchenware from online shops? If so, you may have searched several websites to find the reliable one. You may have found ‘Umbwh com’ in the search result. In case you are impressed with their kitchenware and thinking of purchasing from them, then checking the below informative article will help you to analyze it correctly.

The Umbwh com is a not-so-old webshop selling various kitchen appliances in the United States. However, Is Umbwh com Legit? Let’s uncover the true story of this trending website.

Analysis of the Umbwh com web store legitimacy:

In this section, we are producing some crucial facts about this webshop, which will help our readers to make the right decision.

  • Location Verification: The location is available on the map, but it’s not clear if the site’s corporate office is located at that address or not.
  • Trust-Index: The index is 1 percent.
  • Broken Link: No links can be seen under the broken link category.
  • Web Store’s Age: The web store launching occurred on 23rd February 2021.
  • Feedback: Umbwh com Reviews are available.
  • Web Shop’s ID: The ID is
  • Community Channels: The official account details are not updated on the site.
  • Missing Information: Contact Number.
  • Copied Content: Over 90% of data is copied.
  • Skipped Pages: Only 1 skipped age is available.
  • Owner Details: The site doesn’t provide details regarding its authority holding company name.
  • Payment Modes: Several different modes are obtainable.

The store has been providing service for more than 6 months; however, several loopholes are detectable. So, we will check again to specify anything.

What is Umbwh com?

Umbwh com is a kitchenware seller who retails its commodities in the United States. Howsoever, Is Umbwh com Legit? The store has several different categories like mixers, blenders, cookware, ovens, and accessories. Each of the displayed products has a heavy discount (around 80%+), so it’s a pretty alluring deal for general users.

Furthermore, the site has given precise information regarding each product with multiple demo photos, which is helpful for the buyers while checking the product details. But, the store is required to have a thorough check before making any decision. Read the next paragraph to gain more knowledge.


  • Site’s URL: The store’s official URl is
  • Feedback: Umbwh com Reviews are available.
  • Location Record: 1223-N, Flores St, West Hollywood, CA-90069
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Official Contact ID: The contact number is inaccessible.
  • Cancellation Policy: The order can be removed before shipping.
  • Delivery Duration: The duration is different and based on location. The domestic delivery duration is 7 to 30 days, and the international delivery duration is 7 to 15 days.
  • Delivery Costs: The flat charge is 30USD.
  • Replacement Procedure: The procedure is not mentioned.
  • Monet Credit Process: The credit is given, but the duration is unknown.
  • Return Details: The return is valid for 14 days.
  • Is Umbwh com Legit: The store isn’t reliable.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, JCB, American Express, PayPal, Discover.


  • The store retails extensive-ranging kitchenware products.
  • Each product has an alluring discount deal.
  • Some remarks are visible.
  • Multiple payment modes and SSL certificates are active.


  • It possesses a shallow trust-index.
  • The address can’t be verified.
  • No links with community sites.
  • High piracy content skipped pages are present.
  • The contact number is not visible.
  • The operator information is not visible.
  • The rebate deal is unreal and pretty alluring.
  • The site hasn’t cleared the replacement process and refund duration.

Consumers’ reactions on ‘Is Umbwh com Legit’:

We found some remarks, and those are extremely positive. But, we can’t specify if those comments are trustable or not, as we didn’t get remarks on different sites. Plus, each and every review is positive, which is also a suspicious fact, as the top retail websites like Amazon, Flipkart possess some unfavorable reviews. 

Again, the store’s connection with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. social media is not detected. So, relying on those few positives and buying kitchenware would be a risky decision. So, those remarks can be fake or paid. Also, check the process to get refunds on PayPal scams.

Final verdict:

Is Umbwh com Legit? The store’s age is around 1 year; however, no reviews, no connection with community sites, dubious address details, poor index score of trust, high plagiarism, everything shows it’s not worthy. Also, check methods to receive the refunds on credit card scams. Is this unbiased, informative article helpful? Please mention below.

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