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Vivala Online website Reviews
This post on Is Vivala Legit will help our readers to know if the site is genuine or fake and all the informative details about the store.

Do you need some unique and fashionable items for your lifestyle? If you wish to, you should definitely check out vivala store, which deals with its customers Worldwide. This shop has an enormous variety of products such as bags, sweatshirts, tees, gift cards etc.

But before you buy, we will acknowledge you. Is Vivala Legit, so that the consumers know if this website is official or safe to use?

Is this website official?

Vivala store is secure or hazardous; how can one someone perceive that? This is an online store, and nowadays, a vast population is into online shopping as it is more restful and convenient. People think it is more suitable instead of going and shopping outside on their own, and it is a bit more time-taking. Individuals in this period mainly desire to secure their timeline, so they choose shopping online. But these days, frauds and scams are more likely to happen through the online system.

Vivala Reviews will assist the shoppers in learning if this website or secure or unsafe. We will mention all the details about the store. So you can easily make out and surrogate the officiality of this website.

  • Website Registration: This website was registered on 25 June 2018. This website was created four years ago. 
  • Registrar: Vivala store has been registered through Google LLC
  • Trust Factor: Vivala shop has a thirty-three percent trust factor. This store is less trustworthy; one cannot rely on it.
  • Buyer’s Reviews: Following Is Vivala Legit, there is no online feedback shared on their products neither for the website. The official site has not mentioned anything about their responsibility towards their consumers.
  • Social accounts: This website has an account on instagram, having 1370 followers and 511 followings. Having fewer followers seems a little inconsiderate.
  • Customer Policies: They have not mentioned anything about their policies or customer service, which is not appropriate
  • Misplaced Information: Details regarding Address and email are mentioned. The owner’s identification is partially mentioned, but the phone number is not provided.
  • Data Security: This store has qualified the utilization of the HTTPS website. The site appears secure to exchange data, but one should be careful while sharing.

Brief As Per Is Vivala Legit

Vivala store is an online mode purchasing website where shoppers can purchase a variety of fashionable and exciting products that are used by everyone nowadays. They own all the items which don’t have high rates and are affordable so that you could buy them without thinking of budget. It will help you save money, and discounts are also there. They have the following products:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Sneakers
  • Mugs        
  • Pillows
  • Bags

Features Of Vivala Store

  • Buy a mug from
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Company’s Address info: 10880 Wilshire Boulevard # 1101Los Angeles, 90024, CA
  • Contact Number: This store has not mentioned their phone number.
  • As per Is Vivala Legit, the store does not have any pertinent feedback from shoppers. Neither has any information online for goods.
  • Return Policy: Nothing is mentioned on the website.
  • Shipping Policy: No information is available regarding any policy or any information on the shipping process.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Venmo, American Express, Google pay, Meta pay, Discover, Dinners Club, Apple pay.

Positive Highlights

  • This store is available on Instagram.
  • Email information, owner’s identification, and Address are given.

Negative Highlights

  • No feedback on this store is shared on any site.
  • The phone number is not mentioned.

Vivala Reviews

There are no reviews given on any product or site of this shop. This website has intimated email, Address on its outline. However, the phone number is not given, and we cannot find it anywhere. No online review or rating is available on its official page. It is available on Instagram but has only a few followers, which means very few people know about it, creating doubtful thinking in the consumer’s mind.

Alexa rank was low; this site was positioned sickly. We do not suggest this site. You can get details on credit card fraud via this write-up.

Final Summary 

Finalizing this post on Is Vivala Legit, the life span of Vivala shop is average as it was registered four years ago. This store had a shallow trust index. Derived from this, one cannot depend upon this website. Consumers can examine information concerning PayPal Scamming information on this page.

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