Is Werko Legit (Jan) Read Essential Website Reviews!

Werko Online Website Reviews

Is Werko Legit? Thai blog holds necessary details about it to detect its reliability, which claims to provide high-quality hygiene products at a cheap rate. 

Hygiene maintenance holds major importance in a healthy lifestyle. In the current situation, everyone should maintain extra hygiene to avoid being affected by the deadly Coronavirus. And Werko store has come to help you maintain proper hygiene with premium quality hygiene solutions.

The store is approaching major countries like Australia with the motto- Huge range, lowest price and excellent client service. However, Is Werko Legit? Let us figure out if their mission & vision is really true as they are marketing or not.

Checking the Werko online store authenticity:

You are easily able to understand the authenticity of this store if you read the points given in this section-

  • Trust-Index: The index score is average; the tool reveals its score that is 50%.
  • Address Legality: Yes, the given location data is authentic.
  • Domain Age: The domain creation data is hidden.
  • Domain Name: due to the absence of technical data, the domain ID is unknown.
  • Reviews: Presence of Werko Reviews.
  • Missing Details: Cancellation, return, exchange, and refund policy.
  • Social-Media: The links have been given.
  • Payment Modes: single gateway is present
  • Copied Text: 74% common content and 20% duplicate content.
  • Owner Information: The Werko is a trading name of ‘Hochhauser Family Trust.’
  • Skipped-Pages: 3499 skipped-pages have been detected.
  • Broken Links: 690 nom-clickable links have been detected.

The site has some trustable factors but also possesses some questionable facts. So, further checking is crucial.

What is Werko?

Werko is one of the Australia-based retail shops, which brought premium quality hygiene supplies at the lowest rate. However, Is Werko Legit? The store promotes itself as a premium-quality hygiene product supplier where people can buy their requirements at a very cheap price. Among their product categories, we found they are selling personal protection-care, genital and kitchen hygiene products, safety gloves, first-aid kits, eye and hearing protection products, office supplies etc.

The product’s price currency is the Australian Dollar. Each and every item comprises a description, additional information and delivery details; therefore, buyers will find it helpful after checking the product content during buying.


  • Address: 37-Naxos Way, Keysborough, VIC-3173
  • Site’s URL:
  • Remarks: Werko Reviews are available.
  • Contact Number: 1300 110 555, or you can also get in touch with the direct-messaging option.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Cancellation Availability: The site is not clear about the availability of the cancellation policy.
  • Shipping Process: The shipping is usually made within 1 to 3 days in metro cities, but it takes 7 days in remote locations.
  • Shipping Charges: The charges are free in the amount of over 199$; however, this facility is available in metro cities.
  • Return procedure: The return process information is not present.
  • Exchange Availability: It’s not clear whether the exchange is available or not.
  • Is Werko Legit: It could be legit.
  • Refund Availability: The refund availability is hidden; hence, we can’ declare anything.
  • Payment Gateways: Credit card.


  • The store has various hygiene products.
  • Product prices are cheap.
  • Average trust-score.
  • Availability of reviews.
  • The address is 100% legit.
  • Social media presence.


  • The site did not disclose the return policy, including the details of exchange and refund.
  • Domain age is unknown
  • The cancellation policy availability is still unclear
  • Free shipping is only for metro cities.
  • Negative reviews are available.
  • Only one paying gateway is given, which may create hassle among the buyers while purchasing.

Consumers’ reaction regarding ‘Is Werko Legit’:

We found numerous remarks on TrustPilot, where the Werko got 2.6 stars till time. The comments are mixed, in which around 43% of people have given a 5-star rating and specified their service & products are excellent. But 57% of people have rated it with one star and specified they did not receive the product, their client support is awful, products are cheap, etc.

On the ‘Find the Best’ platform, the store gained 4.25 stars with favorable comments. Coming to its social media pages, on Facebook , it has 570 followers with 1.8 ratings. The other links aren’t working. Along with this, read the process to get money on paypal scams & enjoy safe shopping.

Final Verdict:

Is Werko Legit? It has an average trust-score, social media pages, authentic address details, which indicates its authenticity; however, there are several negative comments, so buyers must read all the reviews before deciding to purchase. Also, read the tips to receive refunds on credit card scams. Is the entire article helpful? Please mention below.

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