Kemper Durand Obituary? Has He Been From Memphis? Read about His Kidnapping And Eliza Fletcher.

Latest News Kemper Durand Obituary

This article will talk about the Kemper Durand Obituary. Also, we will discuss how they have linked and the recent case of Kemper.

Do you know who Abston Kemper is? How many cases has he been accused of? A kidnapper got caught by the authorities of Tennessee. Abston is one of the most wanted criminals in the United States and Canada. He committed many sewer crimes from the age of 16.

Kemper came out of prison after spending 20 years. Even after that, recent news about him came when he tried to kidnap a 20-year-old girl near Memphis University. But who is Durand, and how is he connected with Abston? Read this passage to understand Kemper Durand Obituary.

Complete Story of Kemper-Durand

Criminal Abston got caught by the police again after having severe charges. After spending 20 years in prison, he didn’t change and tried to kidnap a girl of age 20 near Memphis University. When authorities checked the record of this criminal, the game across various games was held on him.

Abston is reported in multiple cases of kidnapping and murder of the innocent. During the testimony from Memphis, a police report came out that at the age of 16, he tried to kidnap a person named Durand; later, he died 7 years before the release date of Abston from prison. People want to know about the auditory of Durand. Read the below passage to seek detailed information. 

Kemper Durand Memphis

It happened when Abston was 16 years old. He tried to kidnap a person near Memphis at gunpoint named Durand. He forced the victim into the car and drove at gunpoint on his head. Durand drove the car to the gas station in Mapco, where Abston withdrew the money from the ATM and refilled the gas.

During the situation, Durand sees a security guard near the gas station, and he screams out loudly to get his attention. Watching the security guard approaching the car to gather the authorities, Abston escaped from the crime scene and later got arrested. A few years before the release date of Abston, Durand was dead.

Latest Memphis Kidnapping Case 

The recent case reported in the members is again marked on Abston. The clarity about Eliza Fleature’s kidnapping came across when the police found a piece of DNA on her sandals of Eliza found on the spot of the crime. From the forensic report, the authority matched the DNA and came out to be off the previous criminal, Abston. 

So other authorities stated that he tried to kidnap Eliza and posted him to get into the vehicle school scenario took place on Friday at 4:00 a.m. However, Eliza Fletcher doesn’t return home, and her body is still missing. The criminal has been caught, and the search for the body is still on. 


Abston got caught again by the police in trying to kidnap a girl. He is been accused by various severe murder and kidnapping cases. Abston kidnapped Durand at the age of 16. However, people want to know about the obituary of Durand.

What is your suggestion that the court should punish the criminal? Share your reviews in the comment section. For complete information about Kemper Durand Obituary, click on this link.

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