Layssard Reviews (Jan 2022) Is The Website Legit?

A site demands to sell amazing trendy home decor collections with top-notch services. But is it legit? Read the Layssard Reviews to find out the facts.

Are you searching for trendy home decors? If so, the ‘Layssard’ website can satisfy you with its amazing home decor range.

The retailer has come with an extensive range of goofy, trendy, delicate home decoration products in the United States with good discount deals. However, is the site trustable? Have you analyzed that this site is user-friendly? Well, do not worry about it if you have missed analyzing. Read this ‘Layssard Reviews article to grab accurate information about the site. 

This blog will includes general information about the site, specifications, legitimacy analysis, review checks and much more.

What is a Layssard store?

Layssard is the home decor product seller over the internet; the site allows major countries, like the United States, shoppers to purchase from their store. Specified earlier that this store has brought a pretty vast home decoration items collection, and anyone can visit their product catalog via the ‘House Decoration’ tab. 

Finding the answer of whether ‘Is Layssard Legit‘ or not, we observed on the ‘Home’ page the products had been subcategorized into 6 departments, and those are- House Decoration, Creative & Crafts, Wreath, Halloween Exclusive Items, Masks and New Arrival Products. The products are available in different styles & color options with precise details and a picture demo. Some products have been sold at a rebate rate. Plus, bulk purchasing comes with additional discounts.


  • Store’s URL:
  • Address: The location information is unknown.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: The contactable number is hidden.
  • Reviews: Layssard Reviews are inaccessible.
  • Transportation Information: postal delivery takes 15 to 20 days, and express delivery takes 7 to 10 days.
  • Charges: Free postal transportation is available for everyone who purchases products over 79 USD.
  • Refund Information: Refund information is notified to those who are eligible for this policy.
  • Return Process: The process is open for 14 working days.
  • Replacement System: No proper information is present on the site.
  • Cancellation Information: The canceling facility is accessible only before the product is shipped.
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Visa, Master Card.

A glimpse of Layssard Reviews denoting the site’s positive points:

  • The store has extensive collections of trendy home doctor items.
  • Some products have discount deals.
  • Bulk purchasing has additional discount deals.
  • Free transportation is obtainable.

What are the negative points of Layssard?

  • Its trust-index is poor.
  • The reviews are not present.
  • It doesn’t exist on community channels.
  • Address and contactable number are not present.
  • The exchange policy is not clearly mentioned.
  • Several broken links are available, which can affect the customer satisfaction rate.

Is this store legit?

You must review this segment if you’re still in doubt regarding ‘Is Layssard Legit‘ or not-

  • Location Verification: The location details couldn’t be uncovered.
  • Trust-Index: The trust-index is only 2 percent.
  • Remarks: The site has not yet gained consumer reviews.
  • Community Channel: The channel link is absent on the website.
  • Plagiarism: 54% duplicate content and 34% common content.
  • Missing Details: Address, customer service number, exchange service.
  • Skipped Pages: The skipped-pages counts are 81.
  • Site’s Age: The store was enlisted on the e-commerce marketplace on 24th August 2021.
  • Domain Name: The name is
  • Broken Links: Around 223 links are broken.
  • Payment Modes: Several gateways are available.

The site seems not as authentic as numerous negative points have been detected.

Consumers Layssard Reviews:

Considering the thorough research and data available on both the site and weblogs, we could not observe a single remark of the users. For 4 months, it’s been active, but it has not succeeded in receiving buyers’ comments. Moreover, its presence on community media could not be revealed.

According to marketing trends, community media accounts play a significant role in the popularity of retail sites. But, Layssard’s existence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram could not be revealed. So, you can prefer a popular and legit store to purchase home decor . Also, read the tips to get refunds on credit card scams.

Final Verdict:

Is the store legit? Well, the absence of Layssard Reviews, address details, community channel links, contactable numbers and even some policy details are not indicating its authenticity. So, buyers must check the store or even choose some other shop to find their requirements.

Also, check the process on how to get refunds on PayPal scams. Is the blog on the ‘Layssard’ site helpful? Please write down in the comment section. 

2 thoughts on “Layssard Reviews (Jan 2022) Is The Website Legit?”

  1. Hi

    I have purchased a doll from this site or similar site (liouciano) as it looks like the same however I think I’ve been scammed!! I ordered one of these dolls to the value of the $73 converted to Aus however I have checked my account and $95 Aus has been withdrawn. This was paid through PayPal which I thought was a safe way to purchase. I’ve been emailing wanting a tracking number and no one is replying.
    Im very Dissapointed as this was a gift for my granddaughter!!
    Is there a way you can check up for me as I would like to get my money back


    • Hello Loretta! Thank you for posting and expressing your experience here. Oh! We feel sad for you and your granddaughter as the emotions are attached to the gift. If the company is not responding to you, you may deal with them as per the mode of payment and may contact PayPal for a refund. We hope that you may get a good gift for your granddaughter from some legit portal. Stay Safe! Have a Nice Day!


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