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Mbenzgram Online Website Reviews

Our research on Mbenzgram Legit will show you the factors determining the positive and negative sides of Mbenzgram. 

Are you looking for an online shop dealing in car parts? If you love driving racing cars and want smooth performance, please explore the Mbenzgram shop in the United States. This shop has been serving in this field for a long time. This post on Mbenzgram Legit will inform you about the products, policies, legitimacy, benefits, etc.

Kindly look at this post and gain all the required knowledge. 

Is this store a scam?

Mbenzgram is legit or a scam; this could only be evaluated after encountering all the legit details. We would request our readers not to get worried if you are unable to know about its legitimacy. Here we will provide you with all the details in this section, and it will help you to save from fraud.

This section will inform our readers on the domain registration, trust score, merits, demerits, registrar information, and most importantly, Mbenzgram Reviews. Evaluating all this information will help you to judge its honesty. You will get every detail here. So, please do not miss any point as each point is valuable. 

Kindly read the details mentioned below: 

  • Domain Life: January 9, 2020, is Mbenzgram’s domain life registration date. The shop is two years and three months old.
  • Registrar: Mbenzgram’s registrar is Google LLC.
  • Trust Score: Mbenzgram got a seventy-six percent trust rate. It is an average trust rate. It is quite considerable.
  • Shopper’s Feedback: There was no feedback available on the official website. The reviews section was empty. As per the details on Mbenzgram Legit, we have found some ratings on online sites, but these could not be trusted.
  • Social availability: We have found pages on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. These pages do not have any reviews. Although, the testing videos on YouTube were shown.
  • Data Safety: The Mbenzgram strives to maintain the safety standard using HTTPS protocol.
  • Policies: We have found all the policies like return, refund, cancellation, and terms and conditions. But, shipping policies were not found in detail.
  • Unfound Details: Some important details like the Company’s address are unfound. Other details like email and phone number are mentioned.

Brief as per Mbenzgram Legit.

Mbenzgram shop specializes in dealing with racing car parts. The layout is beautiful, and they have offered parts from various brands like ACL, ATP, AVO, etc. Their parts are of extremely good quality. You will love their facilities. Your car will run smoothly and give you better performance. Here we have mentioned what parts are available: 

  • WAVETRAC Charger
  • Manual Carburetor

Features of Mbenzgram shop

  • Purchase parts of racing cars from https://mbenzgram.com/.
  • Email Id: [email protected].
  • Call details: +1-530-778-4797
  • We have not found any details on the company’s address. 
  • As per the details found on Mbenzgram Legit, we have not seen any reviews on their official website. But, one online site has shared some ratings on it, but it could be hardly trusted.
  • Refund Policy: Allow 5-7 days to process refunds.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel the order by sending an email to the retailers. 
  • Amex, Apple Pay, and Visa are some accepted payment modes.

Positive Highlights

  • Email and contact numbers are available.
  • Free shipping on orders above $100. 
  • Pages on social media were found. Videos on YouTube seem good and legit.

Negative Highlights

  • The company’s address is unfound.
  • Positive ratings were found on online sites, but these could be hardly trusted as no reviews were seen on the official website. 

Mbenzgram Reviews

Mbenzgram shop has mentioned contact details and email address. However, the company’s address is not mentioned. Some ratings were seen on one online site, but these could not be trusted as the official website doesn’t have any reviews. The reviews section is also empty. Further, some pages on renowned social media platforms were found. The videos on YouTube were found legit. But no ratings were seen on Facebook. 

Alexa Rank has ranked Mbenzgram moderately. The buyers who are willing to know details on credit card scams can check this post.

Final Summary

Wrapping this post on Mbenzgram Legit, we found that this shop is two years and three months old. Also, the trust score is under the average category. Hence we could partially rely upon this shop. But you must consider some other factors before trusting this shop. Please check this link to know details on Auto Parts. Please click here to know details on PayPal Scamming.

Do you need more assistance on the legitimacy of the Mbenzgram shop? Please let us know by dropping your views in the comment section.

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