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Do you watch ice hockey and enjoy it during the winter season? If yes, you must have heard the name of a great Canadian ice hockey player, Mike Bossy. In the National Hockey League, Mike played for New York Islanders. Throughout his whole career, he played for the Islanders.

Ice hockey is extremely famous in countries like the United States and Canada. Mike Bossy was a right-wing player and played with Bryan Trottier and Clark Gillies, the former is played at the centre, and the latter is played as a left-wing. Mike Bossy Why Retire is our today’s topic for discussion.

Why did Mike Bossy Retire?

Mike Bossy was a prolific goal scorer for his team New York Islanders. He was a star at his time. But this regular goal scorer took his retirement only at thirty-one due to a back problem. He tried several treatments for his back, but no one could figure out his problem. After that, in 1988, Bossy officially announced his retirement.  

Mike was a part of the team which won the Stanley Cup for four consecutive years(1980-1983). In 752 career games, Bossy had earned 1,126 points (553 assists, 573 goals).

Did Mike Bossy Smoke?

According to the sources, Bossy was a heavy smoker early in his career. In a 2012 article by Sports Illustrated, Bossy’s name was on the list of NHL smokers. According to a report from 1983, it stated that Bossy was seen doing smoke in an interview.

In The Players Tribune in 2017, Bossy wrote something about smoking. However, though sources said various things about Bossy related to smoking, Mike never commented anything in public regarding smoking.

Bossy announced last October that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. After battling this disease, this great player died at 65 on April 14, 2022. 

Why is this topic – Mike Bossy Why Retire Trending?

Mike Bossy died at the age of 65 after battling lung cancer. This player was inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame in the year 1991 after this famous player’s death. The news related to Mike Bossy is trending on the internet. 


Name: Michael Dean Bossy or Michael Jean Bossy (according to some sources)

Born: January 19 1957, Montreal, Canada

Death: April 14, 1957, Montreal, Canada (died at 65)

Father’s Name: Borden Bossy

Mother’s Name: Dorothy Mills Bossy

Spouse: Lucey Bossy 

Children: (2) Josiane Bossy, Tanya Bossy

Active: 1977-1987

Team: New York Islanders

Position: Right Winger

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