Odadike Scam {July 2022} Read In-depth & Quick Reviews!

Odadike Online Website Reviews

The below article helps you learn whether Odadike Scam or legit by going through all the relevant details and exploring reviews.

Have you ever shopped at any online stores? What was your experience? Have you come across anything which you can say is a scam? Maybe or maybe not! But today, many articles are talking about a single scam in a hazy way. We will give you a detailed analysis of the Odadike shop, for which many customers from the United States are curious to know.

Yes, this article is about the Odadike Scam. Here you will know almost all the legitimacy points of the website and an unbiased conclusion based on the facts. So stay tuned till the end.

Is Odadike a scam or legit?

Generally, such questions require a thorough check of the subject or the website to get an unbiased answer.

  • Website Trust Index: the trust index of the site is around 27.8% which is way below the average. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The Alexa ranking of the site is 2276057, a very high rank. That implies the site has poor customer reach.
  • Customers’ Odadike Reviews: There are no reviews available on the site. And whatever reviews are available on other platforms are negative.
  • Social Media Links: There are no social media links available on the site, nor there is any existence.
  • Missing Description: the available products are described well, but only one image for one product is available. 
  • Website Age: the site domain is around one month old, created on 4th May, 2022.
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: Although the physical is available on Google Maps. But our research for Odadike Scam found, the contact number is the name of “Online Generic Pharmacy Usa” on Truecaller, which has no connection with the Odadike site.
  • Content Originality: Our research shows the picture and possibly other content are sourced from some other sites.
  • SSL Certificate Status: Our sources suggest that the site is not a fully qualified public domain. That means customers’ input data can be breached at any point.

The above facts suggest that the site could be doubtful and full of scams as none of the points is in its favour.  

About the shop to check if Is Odadike Scam true or not:

Odadike is an e-shop that has a short collection of different products. The shop’s motto is to simplify customers’ lives by providing them with new and popular products. And the shop has stated some unique points about itself, which are:

  • Customers may save money by buying new branded products.
  • Shipping and returns of every order are free.
  • Customer-centric Service delivery.

And some of the broad categories of the available products are: 

  • Casual Clothes,
  • Gaming products,
  • Home appliances, and
  • Sun Glasses.

Specifications for Odadike Reviews:

  • The Domain age: the site domain is around one month old.
  • URL: https://odadike.com.
  • Category: e-shop
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 122 Fremont Street, West Chicago, IL 60185, United States.
  • Phone:  +13213433154
  • Payment Options: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa.
  • Return Policy: The customer can return the product within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refund Policy:  for a refund, the returned product must be in its original condition. 
  • Total Delivery time: 5-8 business days (standard time in the US)
  • Shipping Policy: Our research for Odadike Scam found that the shop provides free shipping for all orders.


  • All the policy details are mentioned.
  • Payment options are user-friendly.
  • Contact addresses are given.


  • The Alexa rank on the site is high.
  • No social media linking and presence.
  • No customer reviews on the site.
  • The trust index of the site is low.

Customers Reviews:

Our research has found no customer reviews for the products listed on the site. That shows the site has no customer base and has some ulterior motive.  To know more about Payment Scams, go through the following data.


To conclude Odadike Scam, the above research shows that there is no point on which anyone should trust the site. Therefore Odadike is a scam and not legit. Readers’ discretion is advised.

Please do share your views if you find this site review helpful. Do you have any suggestions to save oneself from scams? Peruse the following facts to understand PayPal Scam.Want to know the importance of customer reviews? Click here .

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