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This article is for everyone who wants to know “Picture That Nasa Took On My Birthday,” read how to do that and then share it with your friends and family.

Are you interested in taking birthday pictures? What if it is possible that you could explore the pictures of the day on which you were born? Is it even possible? So, what will you do next? Share it on social media? Yes, exactly!

Nowadays, this trend is going Worldwide on social media by posting pictures of space views that NASA took! So, what is it we are talking about? Let us read our post below Picture That Nasa Took On My Birthday to know the full details.

What is the Hubble Telescope?

Hubble is a large telescope that NASA launched in the year 1990. Through this, it captures beautiful pictures of the galaxy and space world. It also includes photos of the death of stars, falling comets, planets, and the birth of anything new in Space.

This telescope is as long as a school bus and weighs approximately two grown-up elephants. It got its name after an astronomer, Edwin P Hubble, who made significant universe findings in the early nineties.

Are you excited to explore What Photo Did Nasa Take On My Birthday? To know, stay with us till the end section!

What’s APOD?

It is a website that shows different works by NASA through pictures on different dates. Also, to make you exactly understand what it is, a brief description is given along with the photo. This description is given with the help of the astronauts. The acronym stands for Astronomy Picture of the Day.

How do you know about pictures that NASA took on your birthday?

Well, there are two ways of knowing it. One is through the Hubble Archive that we discussed above, and another is Astronomy Photo of the Day Calendar.

Way 1: Steps to see Picture That Nasa Took On My Birthday:

  • Visit the APOD website on google.
  • There you will get a list of links according to date.
  • However, dates are arranged from current to past.
  • Therefore, you need to scroll down until you reach your birth date.
  •  And then, click to know the picture NASA took on your birth date.

Way 2: Steps to follow according to Hubble:

  • Visit NASA website page.
  • Select the date and month of your birth.
  • Then submit to see the picture.
  • You will get the exact space image that Hubble sees on your birth date.

What Picture That Nasa Took On My Birthday?

History of these pictures!

NASA people took the initiative on its 30th anniversary. On its 30th birthday, NASA posted pictures throughout the year initiated by Hubble.

As we know, Hubble explores the universe 24*7, and it is possible to get the images of the space views of each date.

It also helps people who are searching for pictures of their respective birth dates. However, if you are born before 1995, unfortunately, you wouldn’t see as the archive only includes images after 1995.


So, suppose anyone is a social media freak and wants to post a Picture That Nasa Took On My Birthday. In that case, hopefully, this article will help you a lot. If you are interested in knowing about your birth date’s unique picture, visit here.  

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