Quwiex Scam Or Legit {April 2022} The Detail Review!

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The purpose of this write-up is to make you aware of the nature of online investment scams by giving answers to your queries regarding is Quwiex Scam or Legit?

Are you planning to invest your money in a profitable scheme? Are you looking for the right platform to make online investments? Undoubtedly, the online investment industry has several perks, but we should also remember that it contains high risks – Market risks and the risk of being scammed.

Nowadays, several online investment scams are reported Worldwide. So, before you decide to invest your money in Quwiex.com, the question of Is Quwiex Scam or Legit becomes crucial for you.

What Is the Reliability of the Platform?

Any investment has monetary risk. So, while investing our hard-earned money, we need to ensure the return and the first step toward that is to know about the legitimacy of the platform where we are investing. The following checkpoints are helpful in this matter. 

  • Domain Creation Date is 15-09-2021
  • Domain Age of the company is only 7 months old
  • The website sits in 17,528th rank in Alexa:
  • Amount of Plagiarism: The absence of details in this matter makes us wonder whether Quwiex Scam or Legit?
  • The name of the owner company is Quwiex Limited
  • It has very poor trust score of 1%
  • Address of the site is 41 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.
  • Only email address is found for contacting.
  • Mixed reviews are seen on the internet about this platform
  • We could not find any official social media page of this site.

From the above data, it would not be wrong to conclude that the website seems pretty suspicious and it may contain scandalous features.

Work Process of Online Scams

While trying to figure out is Quwiex Scam or Legit, we learned that most of the scam investment sites follow a general method. When a person invests here, they start to give them some return at first to gain their trust. Then they ask for larger investments and also prompt you to involve your acquaintances in this.

When you reach your maximum investment, they disable your account, and you won’t be able to contact them anymore. You should also know that you cannot complain about an investment scam unless any major regulator licenses the company. It is your responsibility not to invest money in any unauthorized firm.

Is Quwiex Scam or Legit People’s Opinion

We found some mixed reviews about this website. But clearly, negative reviews are much more numerous than positive ones. Even the New Zealand’s Financial Market Authority has confirmed security issues on the website.

Numerous people have reported scams and wrote about the monetary losses they faced due to investment in this company. 

Concluding Words

Many fraudulent investment firms produce false licenses and address proofs in an effort to look promising. So, knowing How To avoid A Scam is always helpful. But we learned from the answer of is Quwiex Scam or Legit that if they are not clear about their business procedure, you should never trust them. So, we advise you to avoid this particular website. What are your opinions?  Kindly share in the comments.

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