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The news below provides details for Ripudaman Malik Wiki and the reason for his death.

Have you heard about the reason for the death of a famous Canadian businessman? Do you know what caused Ripudaman to die? If not yet, then you are in the right place. 

Users from Canada are surprised to know that in 1985 air India was through terrorist bombing. Many users were killed during the attack, and some lost their dear ones.

Read below to know more about the Ripudaman Malik Wiki and similar details for the case.

Who is Ripudaman?

Ripudaman Malik is a popular and approachable businessman. Being a Canadian, he has created high-level contact in the industry. It was reported by research that in182 air India flight, he and his colleague were arrested for murder conspiracy. They were also paired together for the Tokyo baggage explosion, which killed 392 citizens.

With all this loss provided by Sikh militants to the country, police shot them dead in Colombia British on the 14th of July 2022. At the age of 75, this leader and militancy got a surprise.

Read below more about Ripudaman Singh Malik Net Worth 2022.

The net worth of Ripudaman Singh

As per internet research, he is a well-known businessman and Sikh leader for Sikh militants. He had earned the cost with his attacks and illegal supervisor from other mass communities. The researchers do not yet provide the net worth for 2022. The black money stored is being calculated by the officers. 

Note: The information provided is not written by us but is only collected based on internet research.

Specifications of Ripudaman Malik

  • Name-Ripudaman Singh Malik
  • Date of Birth- 1947
  • Place of birth – Punjab, India
  • Height and Weight-  178 cm, 78 kg
  • Children- 5 children

Attacks planned by Ripudaman Malik Wiki

Ripudaman, a rich Canadian businessman, but according to internet research he was involved with Sikh militants and planned certain hijacks and blasts in the foreign country. Some of them are listed below-

  • Tokyo airport bomb explode
  • 1985 bomb conspiracy
  • 182 air India hijack and 300+ passengers killed
  • 2005 mass murder
  • Plane blast in Ireland

Family details after his death

As per research, the family of Ripudaman was never seen after the attacks by him and his gang. There is only basic information provided over the Internet about the 5 children and 4 daughters in law. 

Why is Ripudaman Singh Malik Net Worth 2022 Trending?

The Ripudaman news of gunshot death is trendy as he has been caught in many crime scenes and blasts for a long time. There was no solid proof to catch him as per his crime, so the police of the command had him killed during a city gunshot. The news is trending as there is no information about her family found for investigation.


In conclusion, based on internet research, there are accusing charges and allegations reported for the death of thousands of citizens. Due to the personal accusations and crime, the officers have noted the Ripudaman Malik Wiki Death due to gunshots in the city.

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