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Do you watch series often? Have you heard about a new and real life-based crime documentary? The documentary is based on a con man’s Simon Leviev life which is becoming famous Worldwide

You will see in the documentary how he looted women to be a millionaire. After watching that, you will be inquisitive about Simon Leviev Business Coach Website for sure. You must be thinking about his business website and other stuff. Let’s get to know about this more.

Who is Simon Leviev? 

Simon Leviev’s actual character is Shimon Hayut and he deviated his label to deceive ladies by impersonating them as a millionaire. He contended that his dad used to be a diamond merchant and he is from a billionaire household. 

He is an episodic scammer who had fooled a quantity of 10 million bucks from 3 ladies. He got his victims and preys from the Tinder app for Simon Leviev Business Advice mainly. That’s why the series which is made on his life is known as Tinder Swindler.

What is a Tinder Swindler? 

Tinder Swindler is a fraud sequel or an immoral documentary that rotates around the tale of a man called Simon Leviev. He constantly needed to operate his business and obtain a tremendous lifestyle. 

For this purpose, he began duping the ladies to make wealth from them and capitalize on his career and guide a comfortable being. The sequel was broadcasted on Netflix on 2nd February. 

All About Simon Leviev Business Coach Website

Shimon Hayut falsified various ladies and duped them. The central intention to cheat all three ladies was to earn wealth from them and begin his career site. This site was established to give business guidance to distinct people. 

He wished to live a smooth life without any tough labour. So, he determined to create an online site, which he could oversee by relaxing at home. This was the justification to dupe the ladies. He had been comprised in discriminatory methods for a long period and was penalized also.

How is Simon Leviev Website Business Coach Trending? 

What Simon did was disgusting but because his documentary on the gained much rage. As per the immoral documentary on Netflix, he did zero but cheat many ladies to fulfil his economic desires. He even formulated a treaty ratified by these ladies to fulfil their incredible lifestyle. 

So, the justification behind arresting such an enormous quantity from these ladies was extraordinary. He needed to open his company site to give career guidance to other species. As per the summaries, he has performed everything to operate his company and be an affluent businessman. 


As a final verdict, Simon began the Simon Leviev Business Coach Website for the people who need business advice. He couldn’t gain respect or popularity because of this website. But, his wrongdoings made him prominent through the Netflix sequence. What are your thoughts in this? Please share.

And, to understand more about Simon Leviev, click here. 

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