Taylordle Wordle Game {March} Know Rules & How To Play!

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This article is all about Taylordle Wordle Game. Hope you may find all the related issues.

People are still crushing over Wordle, and suddenly a more exciting game has come up. Have you ever played Wordle? Are you a fan of Tylor Swift? Do you like Hollywood cinema? Wordle is not alone a game based on words, but there are many copied games in the gaming market nowadays. 

This article will discuss very famously in the countries of Canadathe United Kingdomand the United StatesThe mentioned topic for today’s article is Taylordle Wordle GameLet’s discuss the details. 

How is Taylordle related to Tylor Swift? 

  • This game is a piece of good news for switieans. The podcast of holy Swift has launched the game for the sake of swiftieans. 
  • If we state this game simplify, it is a word game for Swift’s fans. 
  • All the fans of Taylor Swift worldwide can reach out for this game for free. 
  • The alphabets are placed around the picture of Taylor Swift, and the players are supposed to make a word out of it.

What is the Taylordle Word of the Day?  

  • The game’s producer develops and presents it to the players to guess and submit the word for results. 
  • Every player gets a maximum of six chances in a day to guess the word correctly. 
  • One can find today’s Taylordle Word on the official page of Wordle if they want to know.


  • Name – Taylordle Wordle game
  • Substitute Name – Wordle’s Taylor Swift version. 
  • The developer – Hannah Park. 
  • Recent time of puzzle – 12 pm. 
  • Today’s arrangement of the word – Fearless. 
  • The Month of release – March 2k22.

Note- If you found the suggested answer wrong, inform us. 

Taylordle Wordle Game. 

This game is similar to Wordle, similar to hitting the words. Five alphabets at a time with hints attached with Taylor Swift, and the players will make a word out of it. 

Playing procedure of Taylordle. 

As we know that this game is just another part of Wordle. It is as easy as Wordle. Let’s focus on the playing method mentioned below: 

  • At the very first level, the players are supposed to reach out to the official website of Taylordle, and that is Taylordle.com. 
  • After getting Taylordle Word of the Day, players can start the game.
  • Players, after entering the game, can write their guess of words. 
  • After typing the guess, tap on the enter key. 

Rules of the Taylordle. 

  • Correctly guessed alphabets will turn into green colour. 
  • Yellow coloured alphabet means that it does come in the word but is not placed at the correct place. 
  • Only six chances are given to one player. 
  • Every day there’s a new Taylordle. 


Wrapping up, after looking for this game on the internet, we have found from the gathered information that Taylordle Wordle Game is an exciting game which is created specifically for switieans.  

Also, to know the best-copied games of Wordle, click here. Moreover, comment below your favourite song byTaylor Swift.

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