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Tedinad Scam Online Website Reviews
Is the Tedinad Scam Or Legit? The portal is approaching buyers with a broad product collection. But, how authentic is the site’s service? Read and know.

Buying outdoor furniture and sports equipment now becomes easier with the Tedinad store. The store is demanding to deliver top-notch service with quality products at a reasonable price. That makes the web portal the talk of the town in the United States recently. 

But, before heading into the portal and providing private data, have you analyzed its legitimacy? The legitimacy determination is very important as it can show you how safe the site is for users. 

So, if you haven’t checked yet, let’s know together if the Tedinad Scam Or Legit.

Analyzing the site’s authenticity:

You get to know if it is safe for users or not from this section. Here we have brought some significant aspects by checking its internal information and others data.

  • Location Authenticity: The address can be recognized on the map, and it’s not a corporate location.
  • Domain ID Creation Date: According to the whois record, the ID was registered on 5th August 2021.
  • Web Portal Name: The name, which is reflected in the data, is tedinad.com.
  • Social Profiles: No information is available at present.
  • Broken Links: The presence of non-clickable links is not detected. 
  • Reviews: The Tedinad.com Reviews are absent.
  • Trust Index: The index rate is 1 out of 100.
  • Plagiarism: The plagiarism percentage is around 40 percent; on the other hand, the common content is also present (around 30 percent).
  • Payment Gateways: Several systems are given.
  • Skipped-pages: 1 page.
  • Operator Details: Online shop is the operator.
  • Missing Information: Phone number, cancellation & refund policy.

The above data tells that the shop has terrible trust authority and is not popular. But, we checked more, and below are the details.

What is the Tedinad store?

The shop is the outdoor furniture and sports gear seller, but Tedinad Scam Or Legit? The site has multiple menu tabs in which they have displayed their collections. Coming to its product category, it has ‘Water Sport,’ ‘Collection,’ Sports & Outdoor,’ ‘Hot,’ and ‘Best Selling’ tab. Besides the product category tab, the hot and best seller menu header features those products that have been preferred widely or purchased widely.

Coming to the item’s details, you can easily find it on each item’s webpage. Moreover, the product description also possesses several pictures and videos so that buyers find no difficulties during buying.


  • Shop’s URL: https://www.tedinad.com
  • Feedback: Unavailability of Tedinad.com Reviews.
  • Phone NUmber: The number couldn’t be detected on the site.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Corporate Address: 3044-Pleasant Ridge-Rd., Summerfield, NC-27358, United States
  • Cancellation System: The system details couldn’t be fetched on the webpage.
  • Return Process: You can only return those products which are labeled under returnable products. The time duration of the refunding process is 30 days.
  • Shipping Procedure: The procedure takes some time, and it is only visible during buying time.
  • Charges Information: The final delivery charge is mentioned at the purchase time.
  • Refund Procedure: The procedure is not given.
  • Tedinad Scam Or Legit: It seems like a scam.
  • Exchange Policy: The best way to exchange the product is by returning the order and placing a new order.
  • Payment Modes: American Express, Visa, PayPal, Maestro, Master Card.


  • The shop has a wide variety of product catalogs.
  • The price is relatively low.
  • It has the ‘HTTPS’ version.
  • Multiple payment systems.


  • The site’s trust rate is terrible.
  • The reviews are absent.
  • The phone number is not visible. 
  • The refund policy and cancellation availability are unknown.
  • International transportation availability is unknown.
  • Social channels are missing.

Users viewpoint on ‘Tedinad Scam Or Legit’:

The site did not receive remarks from the users; we are mentioning this after checking the site and its product page thoroughly. Plus, interestingly, no tab is given to writing reviews. Additionally, not only on this site but also on the other external feedback portal, the site did not get any review at the time.

Furthermore, its presence on social media is also lacking, so basically, its social connection is very poor, which is suspicious. Also, check out the steps on how to get refunds on credit cards.

Final Verdict:

Is the Tedinad Scam Or Legit? The site is a scam shop with many flaws like terrible trust-index, poor social connection, no reviews and social accounts, high plagiarism, etc. So, avoiding the site would be better. Further know the process to receive reimbursement on paypal. Is the above data helpful? Please mention below.

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