Tfliese Reviews (Jan 2022) Is The online portal Legit?

Tfliese Online Website Reviews

Is the Tfiliese shop authentic? Read the Tfliese Reviews to get authentic information about the stop and its service details, including policy information. 

Are you fetching the online electronic gadget retailers in Brazil? If yes, you may observe the Tfliese website name on the weblog search result. Tfliese webshop is gaining rank on search results as hundreds of online shoppers have been attracted to its unique collection and service promises.

This shop is garnering attention with its vast-ranging product collection, available in a sensible price range. However, are you sure that its service is authentic? In case you are in doubt, then reading this ‘Tfliese Reviews‘ article is highly recommended.

What is the Tfliese website?

Tfliese is one of the new retailers, which sells products only via online modes. The site is getting recognition in Brazil because of its extensive product and brand varieties. The store is retailing products of different top brands like Sony, Redmi, HP, etc. Coming to the product varieties; here, buyers can purchase smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TV, gaming laptops etc. Each item has been elaborately specified with several product pictures.

However, Is Tfliese Legit? The authority is claiming to be collaborating with the world’s top retail platforms like Walmart, Amazon, Mercado Livre, etc. Additionally, the store has been designed with the Portuguese language, but visitors can change the language with a free translating tool in their native language.


  • Corporate Address: The authority has not revealed its current location information.
  • Store Web Address:
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Contactable Number: The number couldn’t be discovered on the store’s site.
  • Shipping Details: According to the transportation policy, the duration this is required for delivery is around 3 to 14 days depending on the transportation modes.
  • Remarks: Tfliese Reviews are unavailable.
  • Shipping Charges: Free delivery is applicable on FedEx transportation; however, on other modes (USPS and DHL), the charges depend on the item’s weight.
  • Return Facility: Yes, the facility is given. Considering the official notice, buyers get 30-days of timing to complete the return process.
  • Newsletter Option: We couldn’t see any option to subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation availability is unclear.
  • Refund Facility: The refund may consume 1 week time period.
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Visa, Master Card.
  • Replacement Facility: The information is unavailable.

What are the advantages as per Tfliese Reviews?

  • The shopping store features advanced electronic gadgets.
  • The Prices of the items are sensible.
  • Shipping is available across the world.

Details of Drawbacks:

  • The store didn’t achieve a good trust-index.
  • Remarks are unavailable.
  • Community channel links are fake.
  • The location detail is hidden.
  • The Contact number is hidden.
  • The cancellation policy and replacement facility are unknown.
  • The collaboration details may not be true as we did not get any information about it.

Is the Tfliese store legit?

Determining the legitimacy of the Tfliese store can be easier if you read this section. Here we bring some crucial points to check if ‘Is Tfliese Legit‘ or not-

  • Domain Age: The store was crafted on 13th August 2021.
  • Website Name: the registered name is
  • Address Legality: The details are unavailable.
  • Plagiarism: 28% duplicate text and 15% common text.
  • Reviews: Unavailable.
  • Missing Details: Corporate location, Contactable number, cancellation policy and replacement process details.
  • Trust-Index: It is 14 percent (very poor).
  • Community Channel: Icons are given.
  • Broken Links: 1 broken-link is present. 
  • Payment modes: Several paying systems can be obtained.
  • Skipped-Pages: 3 skipped-pages are present.

The store doesn’t appear as a trustable site due to the existence of several red flags.

Consumers Tfliese Reviews:

The store has not achieved single feedback from the buyer in these 5 months. Moreover, there are no remarks present on the external weblogs. The owner has mentioned the social media icons at the bottom; however, those icons links are suspicious as they lead us to a different web page rather than its profile.

So, if you are thinking of smart TV, smartphones, like electronic gadgets, find a legitimate store as this shop lacks in several areas. Also, read the process to get refunds on credit card scams and stay safe. 

Final Verdict:

Is the shop authentic? Well, as you check the information in the ‘Tfliese Reviews‘ article, there are several questionable areas present. Poor trust-index, no reviews, suspicious community channel links, hidden address details lessen the store’s trustability. Also, read the tips on how to get refunds on paypal scams. Is the review blog useful? Please let us know below.

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