What Does Delve Mean {May 2022} Get Gameplay Details!

Latest News What Does Delve Mean

This news is a complete inside about the correct answer that was posted on the official website to define What Does Delve Mean.

Have you heard about the new answer for 16th May in Wordle? Do you know the answer relating to the new update? If not densy below for more information!

People from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are ready to know the correct answer relating to the last answer for 16th of May. They were people who were not able to answer the puzzle correctly and are facing issues with the spellings. Let us know the answer and also understand What Does Delve Mean!

Meaning of Delve

Delve word means that it is replicant of something that is hunting or searching through some pockets. Can also be known as a dig.

Is Delve a new update in Wordle?

Delve is not a new update but instead is the new answer for 16th may puzzle and unlimited version of Wordle. Players on 16th of May were not able to identify the correct spelling and only identified the word on the basis of hints.

Puzzles for 16th of May have identified that the correct answer was DELVE. To avoid this spoiler the official website did not post the puzzle answer before for: Is Delve a Word!

Hints for puzzles!

The 16th may puzzle has certain hints as presented on the screen. The following are mentioned below for 16th of May.

  • It is a five letter word that symbolizes a meaningful word and was or it’s really based on the idea of a verb.
  • It has one repeating alphabet which is a vowel.
  • Confused the word with Anna character.
  • It is related to the meaning of digging and deep diving.

How can we play the puzzle free?

Wordle is an online gaming platform that can be accessed with the help of discord and Twitter link. Certainly the user can also connect with the official website.

Rules for What Does Delve Mean 

There are new rules and regulations given out for Wordle.

  • The puzzle must be solved within 6 attempts
  • There are only 5 letter words used during the puzzle
  • The user needs to Solve quickly and can also play with daily challenges to level up their score.

Playing Tips

  • Users must read the hints one first attempt and also apply answers for the same quiz.
  • Turn the gray, yellow, red boxes to green so that they are correct as per hints.
  • Solve the vowels in first place and then place the consonants in other and last places.
  • Share the score and play in competitive selection on the Internet free of cost.

Why What Does Delve Trending?

The Wordle of 16th got trending as the spelling error played a major role in misunderstanding the meaning of the word. Most of the users were able to identify the word but did not get the meaning. However the topic or trending then the official website announced the correct order of spelling.


In conclusion, this news talks about the correct answer that was misspelled by most of the users on Twitter before being given out on the official website.  

Have you understand What Does Delve Mean? Have you heard about the most spellings that have been misspelled by the users?  Please comment below. 

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