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Read facts and comparisons about two popular word puzzle games – WorLdel and Wordle. Know about Worldel Wordle games.

Are you looking to enhance your geographical knowledge by playing an entertaining game? Do you want your kids to learn about country names, geographic location in an entertaining manner? Would you like to install a word puzzle game that has become popular Worldwide

WorLdel has come up as a new web-based game that is played by more than half-a-million users initially. Let us review the latest world puzzle in this writeup on Worldel Wordle.

About WorLdel:

WorLdel was launched on 30th January 2022. It was developed by Teuteuf, who is popular on Twitter. After the game was launched, Teuteuf invited many of his followers and friends on Ko-Fi to play the game. Soon, WorLdel picked up popularity, with more than one million users playing the game, as reported on 16th February 2022.

Wordle was launched in 2021 and currently has more than five million users playing the game and sharing results immediately on social media. 

WorLdel is considered to be a spin-off of the Wordle game. In Worldel Game, you can type the first three initials of the country, and the website populates the country name accordingly. On pressing the enter button, the results will give you the proximity of the distance of the correct country in percentage, which is more accessible than the Wordle puzzle.

As their spellings are similar, it is often confused as Wordle game in addition to below similarities: 

  • Both the games offer one puzzle at the beginning of the day, 
  • both the games give six changes to the users to guess the correct word, 
  • both the games allow the users to copy the words and share them on social media.

Differences between Worldel Wordle:

  • Wordle is based on words that are part of English vocabulary and may also contain fewer names of countries. But, WorLdel is purely based on county names. 
  • Wordle shows the alphabets that can resolve the word puzzle, whereas WorLdel shows an outline of the country to guess its name.
  • Wordle features three tiles color that changes based on the correct sequence of alphabets, but, WorLdel will show the country’s distance based on the incorrect country name user had entered.
  • In Wordle, the user needs to arrange alphabets in correct sequences; on the other hand, in Worldel Wordle, the user needs to guess the correct country name based on an image of an outlined map.
  • In the next attempt, users will try to rearrange alphabets in Wordle, but, WorLdel users considers distance and proximity in their next attempt.


Wordle picked up trends and got listed as 4th most trending website on Google. But, WorLdel was launched recently and may take more time to attract users. WorLdel has the most straightforward interface and turned out to be user-friendly. Both the games are entertaining and education-based. However, WorLdel will require more geographical knowledge than English vocabulary that is extensively used in Wordle.

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